How to Burglar-Proof Your Home

We are fortunate to live in an interesting and not the gravest time, in the age of new technologies and mass consumption of everything your heart aspires for. But, despite all the benefits of civilization, people can still run into many dangers. Like hundreds of years ago, modern cities are still full of thieves and other marginal personalities. So take care not only about your health and safety, but also about the security of your property. Keep in mind these basic tips, if you do not want to share your possessions with bad people. Perhaps these little tricks will save your home from thieves.


According to statistics, every 15 seconds a burglary is committed in the United States. It is a good reason to think twice whether you’ve done everything to protect your house from intruders. Sometimes the most basic things can come in handy, even though we forget about them for some reason. For example:

1. Keep track of vegetation

Trees, bushes and other lush greenery around the house please the eye in spring and summer. But they also pose a considerable danger. Especially for those who live on the lower floors. Growing close to windows or balconies, trees can easily serve as a ladder for thieves. Overgrown bushes will conceal the ground floor windows from the watchful eyes of neighbors. So, keeping the yard clean, make sure that this greenery will not become a green shelter for potential burglars.

2. Draw the curtains and the blinds

Especially if you live on the first floor. You will agree that you should not seduce villains, exposing your well-being for everyone to see. After all, some people may treat your windows almost as shop windows.

3. Do not forget that garbage can “talk”

gadbage-autumn-fallIn particular, it can tell a lot about your financial well-being. Have you bought a new TV-set or other expensive appliances? Do not rush to throw the box into the nearest container. Thereby you will kindly notify the potential thieves that this item can be found in your home. Take it to the dump site, recycle it, or save the box until the warranty period expires.

4. Set motion sensors in the hall of your block of flats or in the yard of a detached house

Robbers are people, and they not always have nerves of steel. So a sudden flash of light can scare the criminals, creating the illusion that they are about to be caught. This can even prevent crime. This system will be particularly useful for those who live in a detached house.

5. Illusion of presence

home-interior-living-room-tv-setYou are going away for a couple of days or just stay late hours at your workplace. Criminals do not need to know about it. Most modern technologies (TV and audio systems) are equipped with a timer function. Use it and make sure that the TV-set turns on automatically in the evening. Thus, you will create the illusion of someone’s being at home.

6. Invest in the door

This is the simplest advice that many of us ignore. A steel door with reliable locks remains one of the best types of protection.

7. Neighbor control

frogs-neighbour-homeThis has been proved by generations of people: maintain good relations with your neighbors, and you will always be under their reliable supervision.

8. Unexpected places

Of course, it is better to keep your money on bank accounts and particularly valuable items – in a deposit box. However, if you prefer all the precious things to stay at home, try to hide them in unexpected places.

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