How Not to Get Depressed If Others Have Achieved More?

We all know that no one will ever be able to fully understand everything that another person has had to go through. But despite this, many people constantly compare themselves to others, and since this comparison is not in favor of the comparator, they can get depressed and feel like failures. To learn how to avoid these dire consequences, read our article.


Do not be afraid to spend time doing something that you like

The surest way to be unhappy is to constantly compare your life with the lives of others.
You say that you are interested in art, traveling and meeting new interesting people. So what are you waiting for? Begin! If your savings permit, make a decision and spend a year traveling the world. Or go mountain climbing or volunteering. Or, alternatively, start to learn some foreign language.

Do not be afraid to spend a year of your life exclusively for yourself. It is a myth that if you spend a year not working, you will find it difficult to get a job because of the annual gap in your “Experience” part of the resume.

Think about what it means to you to be a happy man. A lot of money and professional achievements? Or rich life experience and loved ones around? After you answer this question, you will understand what is really important and will be able to focus on this rather than doubt and envy.

We must be masters rather than victims of our thoughts

It’s all about habits. Bad habits are not just smoking or excessive alcohol consumption. Our thoughts that plague us can also become a bad habit.

If we are accustomed to thinking of something negative, if we are constantly looking for something bad, if we always imagine hidden traps, then this way of thinking is a vicious cycle that can eventually lead to a serious mental illness.

The good news is that we can change our thoughts. The first step is, of course, the awareness and recognition of the problem. Sometimes there are severe cases when a person is already stuck in his/her permanent negative thoughts so much that he/she cannot cope without the help of a qualified psychologist. But most people are able to turn their thoughts in the right direction by themselves.

We should not be victims of our thoughts. We must be their masters.
Remember that you can always find something good. You have the power to change your mind and stop thinking negative.

Remember that everyone has their own life

We look at other people who are more successful than us. We begin to envy them, to feel worthless and because of this depressed. But we forget that even super-successful people have ups and downs. They also lose and fail. This is life.

In the end, everyone has his own way. And only you can determine what victory or success means to you. And if you’re not interested in your own life, then you will constantly compare yourself with others and remain an unhappy man because of this.

Stop looking at others. You have your own way. And this is what matters.

It’s simple

It’s simple: log out from Facebook, shift work and stop comparing yourself to other people.

Guide to Action

That’s what makes you go back to normal life after depression:

  • Feel like you are part of the world, find something that will help you become a successful person. The road to success is never easy, and you should be prepared for failures and trials that are waiting for you. Sometimes you will feel irritation and anger. It’s not bad. This means that you are a human being.
  • Physical training, especially cardio training. It helps to distract from unnecessary thoughts.
  • Watch your health. Sometimes mental problems are only a consequence of the physical ones. Make sure that your health is normal. Start taking vitamins, eat well.
  • Stop communicating with people who are constantly burdening you with problems. Now you have your own problems, and you do not need any more.
  • Do not sit at home. Meet and chat with new people.
    Many people, whose life you have read about in the social networks, hate their jobs.
  • Do not drive yourself into a corner, and remember that you can change jobs at any time, no matter how old you are. You owe nothing to anyone.
  • Do not log in on Facebook and LinkedIn for at least a month. You will be surprised when you notice you have been thinking about other people’s lives less often.
  • Remember that one of the best medicines is a change of scenery. Set on a journey or make home repairs.

And finally…

Many people, whose life you are following in social networks, hate their job at the bottom of their heart and never find solace in the money made.

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