Hottest Weight Loss Trend: Coffee with Butter

What kind of coffee do you like: with milk, ice cream, ginger or brandy? There is an idea – try coffee and butter. This drink has already become popular in some coffee shops. It is ordered not only for the sake of its interesting taste, but for weight loss as well.


Coffee and butter is a new trend in the diet of some celebrities. They made this trend popular with the fans of health and in general with everyone who is interested in new diets and recipes. It really works!

What is it and where does it come from?

Coffee and butter as a drink was invented by an entrepreneur and supporter of a healthy lifestyle Dave Asprey (USA). The new special drink became the hallmark of his brand, and it is called Bulletproof coffee. It is a mixture of coffee, vegetable oils and melted butter of animal origin.

The creator of the drink believes that his innovation helps to harmonize the entire body, improves health, promotes weight loss and makes a person happy.

Asprey’s recipe is not entirely his invention. He brought the idea from his travels across Tibet, where the locals had treated him with a memorable tea made from tea leaves, fresh yak fat and salt. The nomads from the Tibetan mountains drink a lot of this drink, sometimes they drink up to several tens of cups a day. Tea with yak fat gives them the necessary energy for living in a high-altitude area. By the way, doesn’t this recipe remind you of something? When we were children, our grandmothers used to give us tea with butter for coughs and colds.

Let’s go back to coffee with butter, which has become a fashionable drink. The original recipe suggested by Dave Asprey includes Arabica coffee beans: according to experts, these coffee beans are the most pure and non-toxic. To this coffee, melted unsalted butter and a mixture of healthy vegetable oils (coconut and palm oils) are added.

Why does it help you lose weight?

Skeptics say: this drink contains a lot of calories and fat; it is impossible to lose weight drinking it. It is difficult not to agree with them. The slimming effect will only be observed in case you understand the purpose of drinking coffee and butter correctly.

Firstly, coffee with butter is not an extra dessert or a magic supplement. If you drink coffee with butter in the morning, you should not eat anything else. Coffee with butter replaces breakfast instead of complementing it. Secondly, you can drink the high-calorie beverage during the day, but the rest of the diet should be healthy.

Dave Asprey compares his invention with avocado or nuts. These products are also rich in fat, but healthy fats optimize all processes in the body and are not deposited in adipose tissue. Healthy fats suppress appetite and let us stay longer without snacking. Coffee itself is also known as a drink that suppresses appetite. Only if one drinks it without sugar and desserts. Almost nobody does this. Coffee drinkers love not just the coffee, but the entourage of drinking coffee, such as cute cupcakes, chocolates, or canapés. Coffee with butter does not stimulate us to accompany the meal with sweets. It gives cheerfulness and clarity of mind for a long time. According to Asprey, after you drink a cup of this coffee, you will not have the appetite to eat any other product for 4-6 hours. Therein lies the secret of weight loss.

The author of this idea also says his drink does not increase the cholesterol level, unlike harmful fats, but rather optimizes it, just as healthy fatty acids do.

Total craze

Despite the strangeness of the method, it has a lot of followers. These are actresses, best known fitness instructors, the personnel of glossy magazines and popular women’s websites. They write in their blogs that after drinking a cup of coffee with butter in the morning they really do not want to eat for a long time; so it is easy for them to give up sweets for 6 hours and remain alert and vigorous at the same time.

The owners of trendy coffee shops do not lag behind as well; now you can enjoy a cup of coffee with butter there. This drink is already sold under different brands. Do you want to test the new method of losing weight for yourself? Then write down the recipe.

The recipe of coffee with oil for weight loss

For this fashionable beverage, you will need quality coffee beans (such as roasted Arabica beans). Grind them in a coffee grinder and cook regular coffee without sugar. Coffee drinkers believe that freshly ground coffee is more useful. For one cezve, you will need 2.5 tablespoons of ground coffee.

Add 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil (preferably coconut oil) and 1 tablespoon of unsalted melted butter in the brewed hot coffee. Put everything in a blender and stir until you get a foamy cream mixture, like in latte. If you just stir, the oil film will remain on the surface, and the recipe will not “work”.

Remember that the drink contains a lot of calories and fat, so you should not eat anything else for breakfast.

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