Communication Mistakes Most People Make Daily

Even the most positive and the most open people cannot avoid awkward situations that originate from mistakes in communication. In this review, you will find several psychological tips that will help to always feel confident and comfortable in any company.

1. Not understanding that people are disinterested in the topic of a conversation

This concerns the people, who like to talk a lot (and can get into embarrassing situations). Listening already means a half of good communication. This is not true about shy people, who fall into extremes and automatically assume that they have nothing to say.

2. Lack of hobbies

This is a remedy for what was mentioned in the previous point. It’s worth trying something new – skiing, climbing, running, swimming… whatever you like. This will increase confidence and provide an opportunity to communicate with people more often.

3. Self-depreciation

It can be good… but only in moderation. If you just play a trick on yourself, this is quite normal. But if you always talk about how awful you are, none of your interlocutors will like it.

4. Assuming that not everyone likes you

There is a well-known quotation that says: “Confidence is when you enter a room full of strangers and assume that everyone likes you.”

5. Not asking questions

This is perhaps the biggest mistake that socially awkward people make. If one does not know what to talk about, it’s wise to let someone else speak, drawing him out with questions. Read Carnegie to communicate correctly.

6. Taking mistakes too close to one’s heart

Most unfamiliar people are unlikely to remember the name of the interlocutor they see for the first time and the words he says. However, the only thing they unconsciously remember is how well they were listened to.

7. Failing to understand that people initially like their interlocutor

Do not try to impress people. Most likely, they initially assume that the interlocutor is a “normal” person.

8. Foresee possible scenarios

You do not need to worry too much about possible scenarios for the events to develop. Just let it flow. If you constantly try to plan what you want to say, you will probably spoil everything at the end of the conversation.

9. Labelling people

For example, “this person is confident in himself” or “this person is successful.” This should never be done. To a certain extent, everyone is hiding behind a mask and just becomes as vulnerable as any person.

10. Feeling guilty

Everyone gets confused and occasionally says awkward things. The main thing is to present it as a joke and continue communicating.

11. Neglecting hygiene

If you brush your teeth, take a bath every day, keep the nails clean, and wear suitable clothes… people will always treat you better. We must do everything possible to achieve success in social situations.

12. Trying to be funny

Do not try to seem funny to someone who is not really funny. It is not necessary to give a forced joke to appeal to people – it will look unnatural. Again, it is worth remembering what was said earlier – you just need to be a better listener.

13. Wearing “masks”

Do not wear masks. Just don’t do that ever. Why should it be necessary to “resemble someone”, if every person is unique? Just try to be “your best self.”

14. Trying to be someone else

It’s about the same thing as trying to be funny. In addition, if people are trying too much to be witty, they simply cease being true to themselves.

15. Using “conversation killers”

If someone asks a question that can be answered as “yes” or “no”, you should at least forward this question to the interlocutor after answering it. For example, if someone asks “Do you like to read?”, the answer should look like this: “Yes, and you?”. Saying merely “yes” or “no” kills the conversation.

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