The Big Questions About Kids On Weddings Answered

Parents will agree on this one for sure: kids on weddings is a tricky combination. Should you have kids at your wedding? How should you say that you don’t? Do you include this in the wedding invites? Or, how do you manage kids on the big day? They can be both adorable and unpredictable, so it is up to you to make a decision. In this article, we will make some things clear for you.

Does “no kids” sound bad?

It is okay if you don’t invite children on your wedding day. This is your big day, so you should do what suits you and your partner. That does not have to sound so bad after all. There can be the good intention behind this. Maybe you want the grownups to be more relaxed and enjoy the celebration, without having to monitor the kids all the time. Parents will be more focused on their children, rather than enjoying the moment. Also, they won’t have to go home early because their kids need to sleep. Parents will appreciate a night-off for sure. If you bring a decision, let your guests know that only mommy and daddy are invited. This way, they can find a babysitter ahead of time. Give them a hint by addressing the invitation only to Mr and Mrs, or clearly state “ no children under the age of 10 allowed”.

You can create your customized modern art deco wedding invitations with Basic Invite. They have a tear-off RSVP postcard included, so your guests can let you know about their presence. Also, there is a possibility of creating your own wedding website, where you can inform the guests about important information such as this.

How to have children on your wedding

Having kids on your wedding can be so fun. If most of your guests have kids, then inviting them is a good option. They will cheer up the event with their smiles and funny dancing moves. However, there are some things that you should know when planning the wedding.

Entertain them

If you will have lots of kids as guests, keep in mind that you should offer them entertainment. Kids don’t think of weddings as grownups do. It is certain that they will find some moments boring, and it is okay. Your job is to offer them entertainment, so everything goes according to plan. These tips will help you get the idea:

  • A candy bar here and there will keep their attention.
  • A Disney cartoon will keep the kids entertained during the most boring parts for them, such as the speeches.
  • Include kids in the ceremony. They will love the idea of helping and being little bridesmaids. Throwing petals can be a fun activity for the little guests.
  • Hire a nanny that will be responsible for the kids if you can. This way, the parents can be able to relax.
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