Educational Routines: How Playpens Educate Toddlers

A playpen is a controversial baby equipment that has its proponents and opponents. While some people argue that a playpen is a mini-prison for toddlers that hinders them from experimenting and exploring, others affirm that it is a gear for keeping kids safe and promoting play. A playpen is a safe place to leave your child when you want to do a few things such as cook dinner, have a shower, answer the front door, or attend to laundry. It can be an educational tool as well to teach toddlers valuable emotional and physical skills.

This article examines how playpens educate toddlers.

1. Teach Independence

Playpens help children to be independent, an essential skill in the modern world. They introduce the concept of autonomy at an early age and the toddler learns to do things alone. A playpen helps a child to grow emotionally as they develop an attachment to the place and the toys. It inculcates emotional stability in toddlers because they learn to act and respond to stimuli on their own. Toddlers learn to entertain themselves in the absence of the parent or caregiver.

A playpen allows you to leave your child unattended as you do other things and hence they become securely attached to you. It prevents the distress that comes with taking the child everywhere with you. A playpen helps to separate yourself from the child occasionally and teaches your child to be confident in your absence.

2. Promote Focused Play

Playpens promote focused play and teach toddlers the importance of playtime. They allow toddlers to play in an enclosed and safe area. This way kids develop motor and physical skills. Toddlers learn to operate and play with toys as they have some ‘me time.’ They learn to manipulate toys and even develop an attachment to them. In addition, a playpen develops a child’s intellect because they get a distraction-free area that helps to nurture creativity and foster discovery. At the same time, toddlers learn to navigate around the playpen and exercise their bodies. Importantly, it is essential to ensure you get the best play pen for your kid so that they are safe when playing.

3. Educate on Boundaries

A playpen educates toddlers on boundaries and the need to respect them. It is a safe haven for children because it protects them from dangerous places and objects. A playpen keeps children from areas and things they should not go to and touch respectively. For instance, a crawling toddler is likely to touch objects recklessly without worrying about the dangers they pose. Hence, a playpen is not only a safety measure against harm but also a teacher that educates on boundaries.

Although some people argue that playpens imprison toddlers, it is not entirely true and they educate them in some ways. In life, everything has to be done in moderation and the same applies to a playpen, do not leave your child for long periods because it could be detrimental to their development. You should not dump your kid in the playpen as you lounge around, drink wine, and catch up with friends.

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