Harmful Effects of Smoking on Women’s Health

Of course, smoking is dangerous for everyone because it increases the risk of heart disease, lung cancer, and stroke. However, did you also know that smoking has adverse effects on women’s health? Here are some health problems that smoking causes in women:

It Causes Ulcers

If you suffer from gum disease, you will be more likely to suffer from stomach ulcers. Although this might not sound serious because many people live with ulcers, they cause death if left untreated. This is one more reason to stay away from cigarettes if you are a woman.

It Damages Fertility

Smoking has a negative effect on all aspects of conception. This means that smokers have a bigger risk of not ovulating and their fertilized eggs are less likely to implant themselves in the uterus. Moreover, in-vitro fertilization is less likely to succeed when you smoke.

Nicotine, the drug found in cigarettes, affects the function of the fallopian tube, which will hinder the process of the egg reaching the uterus. As a result, female smokers are more likely to end up with tubal or ectopic pregnancies, which are life-threatening conditions.

It Ages You

If you have been paying attention, you must already know that smokers develop wrinkles much faster than nonsmokers do. However, what often goes unnoticed is the fact that women who smoke reach menopause faster than those who do not. This happens because nicotine affects the blood supply to the ovary thus reducing its function.

Because the ovaries produce estrogen, this explains why smokers experience menopause earlier. Moreover, smoking also leads to early osteoporosis.

It Hurts Unborn Children

When you smoke during pregnancy, you will be poisoning your baby. This is because carbon monoxide, the byproduct of cigarettes, has a higher affinity for fetal tissue and the nicotine makes your unborn baby’s heart beat faster. Moreover, studies show that smoking increases the chances of serious complications such as placental abruption, stillbirths, and the risk of miscarriages by 39 percent.

Moreover, smoking during pregnancy leads to low birth weight. After birth, nicotine can pass to the baby through breast milk. If you cannot quit smoking cold turkey, you should consider vaping, which is much safer. You can find a wide selection of flavors online (learn more on Loadedejuice) instead of having only cigarette smoke, which doesn’t always smell good. Well, of course, it’s best to quit both, but vaping is definitely less unhealthy than smoking – you can ask your doctor!

It Worsens Your Period

Women who smoke undergo premenstrual symptoms that are more severe when compared to those who do not smoke. Additionally, if you smoke, you have a higher chance of experiencing cramps for longer.

Decreased Bone Density

If you are a smoker and have already gone through menopause, you are more likely to have low bone density. This means that you are at a greater risk of breaking your hips than women who do not smoke.

It Increases Your Risk of Rectal and Cervical Cancer

Not only does this bad habit cause different cancers in both genders, but it also increases the likelihood of women suffering from cervical cancer. Another study shows that smoking premenopausal women are more likely to suffer from rectal cancer.

It Damages Your Heart

You are six times more likely to develop a heart attack if you smoke. Having one to four cigarettes per day is enough to double your risk of getting heart disease. Moreover, after the age of 65, female smokers are more likely to suffer from heart attacks than their male counterparts are.


The above health risks should be more than enough to convince you to stop smoking immediately. If you are planning to quit, tell somebody close to you. This person will keep you accountable and remind you of your goal.

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