8 Tips for Storing Food & Saving Money

There are so many good things in life, bringing excellent mood and a feeling of satisfaction. The simplest of them are always within our reach and completely under our control. For example, such earthly pleasures as sound sleep and delicious food. Wake and sleep cycles are purely an individual thing, but we can at least share a couple of secrets about how to prolong the joy of delicious food. The main thing is to store food products properly.


Do products spoil in the kitchen before you have time to use them? Stop wasting your money! It is better to learn how to properly store foods and save your family budget.

1. Olive oil

700-olive-oile-food-cookingFor the expensive oil to last longer, buy it in a small container. After all, the period of its life after opening the bottle is just three months. Remember that fresh oil smells of juicy green olives, and if the smell is reminiscent of chalk, it’s time to rush to the store and get a new bottle.

2. Peanut butter

peanuts-drink-snack-food-eatThis delicacy is not cheap, so it is better to store it in a jar turned upside down. Thus, the oil will flow and cover the entire container, the product will not dry up and will not lose its nutritional properties.

3. Cheese

700-food-cheese-diary-products-diet-milk-cottage-cheese-healthyCheese will remain fresh for a longer time and will not get dry in the refrigerator, if you don’t store it in a plastic bag. Every Frenchman will tell you that this product should breathe. So gauze or a special parchment for cheese would be the best solution.

4. Butter

700-olive-oil-bread-butter-food-diet-nutrition-healthHave you bought a lot of mouth-watering farm butter, but you fail to eat it as fast as expected? Feel free to put butter in the freezer. Just remember to wrap it in an additional plastic bag. Under such conditions, butter can be stored up to a year. If you notice that butter is much lighter inside than on the outside, it means the oxidation process is taking place. The change in color is a signal that the product begins to spoil, so you need to take drastic measures and “freeze” it.

5. Mayonnaise

700-salad-vegetables-food-eat-nutrition-healthy-mayonnaise-Mayonnaise will deteriorate quickly, and oil will separate from the rest of the product, if you store it on the top shelf. The perfect place for your favorite sauce is the door of the refrigerator. There it can be kept peacefully up to three months.

6. Flour

nutritionIt turns out that flour … should be kept in the refrigerator. This will not only save it fresh, but will also help avoid unwelcome guests in the kitchen. Yes, we are talking about insects.

7. Soy sauce

soy-sauce-food-eat-japanese-sushiHow to understand that the most popular attribute of Asian cuisine needs to be replaced? Pay attention to the color. Fresh sauce always has a reddish-brown hue. If the product is darkening, this is a bad sign. Soy sauce should not necessarily be stored in the refrigerator, but low temperatures prolong its shelf life up to two years!

8. Honey

honey-food-sweetCrystallization is a typical problem with honey. Not everyone finds this sugar-coated treat pleasing for the soul. To prevent this, do not store honey in the refrigerator. It is preferable to keep it in a dark and dry place. To get rid of sugar crystals, immerse the jar in a water bath and stir from time to time. The gold-colored repository of vitamins will once again turn into a viscous liquid.

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