15 Things about Men Women Share with Their Friends

When two people enter into heterosexual relationships, each of them already has friends with whom he or she often discusses their lives. So, logically, the new important other gets discussed more than anything else. And here comes a very thrilling thing to know: who tells more tales out of bedroom? Women, of course! While men are apt to tell less information, mostly of a general kind, women will reveal everything. At least, if not everything, far more than men think they will.


Some men know (or guess) as much and would rather wink at it unless it gets out of control; others remain completely in the dark about how much information is leaking out. In any case, since you are here reading this, you are interested in whether your gf has already told her bffs about the latest thing or whether what you tell about your bf tallies with the habits of other girls.

Needless to say, women come in different kinds, so this list of secrets spilled does not get played out every time. Yet there are topics that are, so to say, on the tip of the tongue, and if there are some subjects some good lady draws the line at, she may still be ready to blurt them out if the time and the situation are right. No, it’s not anything derogatory, more like being tempted to talk about what is really important to one – like one’s soul and body mate who is always uppermost on the mind, so…

Things they get to know about your previous loves

700-breakup-love-relationship-cordSooner or later your new partner will want to know about your previous involvements and why exactly they came to nothing. Actually, they are psychologically interesting bits of information that can help you decide whether you want to be involved yourself. Consequently, a man will be well advised to think over carefully what he is going to tell to his potential girlfriend because you can be sure she will listen closely and analyze the information. What misgivings she will not have herself from listening to your comments on your exes, her friends will help her have. It’s better to stick to simple stories and try and be fair to the lovers in your past, because your potential girlfriend may start to think that if you split you will be telling hurtful things about her as well.

Places you take them to

man-hookup-flirt-love-date-cafe-coffee-conversation-talk-It may be the very beginning of your relationship, or, on the other hand, you are far into your love affair, still, the places that you go to together are significant. As soon as you take your girl out to a café, it will be the first bit of information her friends will get to hear the next time they meet. Also, when you are already in a relationship, and you desisted from taking your girlfriend out, it will also be discussed minutely (and probably conclude that you take her for granted!). It doesn’t follow that she expects you to be ever taking her to the poshest eateries in town. But what is necessary for a satisfying relationship is that you take her somewhere where you will get quality time and cherish pleasant memories of moments together. No matter whether it is just in the middle of nowhere with beautiful nature around you or a concert of a band you both love – the main thing is that you want to have fun together.

How you try

love-romantic-roses-flowers-gift-valentines-day-man-guy-dating-loveAnother thing that you prove to your girlfriend by taking her out is that you are trying to make life pleasant for both of you. As you proceed with your relationship it becomes clear how much effort you mean to apply to it – and if you give your girlfriend grounds to complain she will certainly do so! You know how it is when she does something she knows you will like, remind you of her feelings by text or arranges for some time for both of you – it feels great, doubly so if you realize that she has done quite a lot towards these arrangements. That’s what she wants to feel too, so find the time to think out and invent some surprise for her, or she will have to hear her girlfriends’ very derogatory comments about you!

How you do embarrassing things sometimes

home-moving-man-sunset-houseNow what her friends surely hear about: that you fart and puke, when and how. That sometimes you leave the toilet in a mess. When you drink a drop too much and behave out of character. All the stupid things you are ashamed of and would rather be forgotten the next moment, they will be remembered and passed around for the other girls to chuckle over. It’s up to you to make sure that these chortles are rather condescending than malicious, and think how often you made fun of her shortcomings.

Fantasies you share

700-high-heels-shoes-woman-beauty-vamp-sexy-attractive-appearance-clothes-footwearThe subject men and women always discuss in a different fashion is undoubtedly sex. Men are more superficial about it, telling maybe that they got great sex or that their lover looked gorgeous without her clothes on, but for women the topic has much more variations. Not only real stuff is included into discussion, but if you let drop that you fancy your girl will look good in the role of Leia the slave, this piece of information is just too cute, asking to be passed on. So, if you take pride in your erotic fantasies, be aware that all of them will be retold – especially if you try to introduce them into your life. Do not let your imagination run away with you – let it out bit by bit.

Man’s hygienic habits

700-clean-cosmetics-home-beauty-treatment-cream-soap-flower-saltA serious relationship implies that partners become more hygiene-oriented. No matter how fond of taking care of yourself you were, you are likely to want to spruce yourself up more when you are about to go on a date. More showers, better deodorant and toilet water are indicated. If there’s a slight chance of your being smelly, her friends will get to hear about it as soon as your date’s over. Take even more trouble to clean yourself if you believe you two might end up in the same bed – for many women private parts that are less than clean are a definite put-off. By being careless you can easily jeopardize your chances of a good date and a happy relationship.

Your love tokens

love-dating-dinner-valentinesToday’s been a very hard day for your girlfriend and she describes you her problems; she is in a sore need of buoying up. What’s your first idea? Nice if it is that of sending her flowers accompanied with a sweet note of support. She will love it! She will call you with words of gratitude, and what she is sure to do then is call her BFF to tell her about your gesture. Or maybe she is differently minded, and instead she will take a photo of herself with your flowers and upload it on her favorite social site to show all her friends at once. Anyway, you can be sure that it will be double pleasure, first of receiving your gift and second of telling around how sweetly you treat her. It’s worth your while opening doors for her and doing other small gestures to show you care.

Male private parts

True, private parts are so called because they remain your private area and you’ve been taught to hide them from everyone, which is absolutely correct, even if you have good reasons to be proud of them. But if you’ve got a steady girl your private information is in serious danger of being divulged. With women there is some underlying reason to want to tell – and hear – about their men’s genital equipment, complete with all details. If you think it’s unfair, remember that men also share information about their girlfriends’ curves, and that this kind of racy stuff may be taken quite complimentarily.

The way you handle waitresses – or waiters

man-hookup-flirt-love-date-cafe-coffee-conversation-talk-Yes, going out to have dinner is an excellent idea! Undoubtedly both you and your girlfriend will enjoy it. But have you ever thought that a restaurant can be a veritable minefield? Because the way you talk with your waiting person and your general attitude towards them will be noted (especially if your date doesn’t know you very well yet) and retold to her friends. Can it be that you are inconsiderate and rude to the waiter? That may well be counted against you. On the other hand, if you can talk with them nicely and make them smile without putting them down or embarrassing them, it will ease your way towards your date’s heart. Anyway, even if you are merely polite and unprepossessing (in this situation), it will be scrutinized and discussed.

You stand by them

700-love-boyfriend-kiss-sex-passion-rain-woman-man-couple-girlfriendThis can really lead to very precarious situations. It’s great that you are ready to stand up in defense of your girlfriend, but if you’re in a hurry to challenge everyone who did something that went against her liking, you could end up getting her into an embarrassing situation. When, in some bar, you hear a jerk saying stupid things, and you react instantly picking up a quarrel with him without even trying to disregard the slight, it may develop into a dangerous clash. So, you may get a reputation of a brawler as well as your girlfriend starting to believe that you take everything off her hands as though she were unable to shift for herself. Women like to be seen not as wilting flowers but as strong individuals who may need support but don’t like to be pushed in the background by a fighting knight. Just see that your friends and family don’t treat her negligently and let small things pass by without making fuss, and you’ll cut the figure of someone who respects her feelings. So, you are creating problems out of nowhere or you are a real helper. Either way, it’s going to be a topic for discussion.

You were rude

argument-wife-conflict-husband-spouseWhen people are angry or distressed, they are apt to say something not quite seemly without halting to think twice. Maybe when guys do that to other guys it sounds all right because they understand and take it in the right spirit. But when some rude remark slips out to the girlfriend, it can offend her deeply when we least want it. Or, it can easily occur in the heat of an argument when in an attempt to prove that you are right you just go and offend your important other. It may be a scathing word or a trifling instance of impoliteness, but once you let it fly it will be remembered and related. The more it would be out of character the more eagerly it will be spread, and here goes your well-earned reputation of a good fellow!

Points over which you bicker

700-burnout-stress-job-career-work-health-tiredNot only angry and boorish remarks are brought up and discussed; the reasons behind the quarrels also make an exciting topic for discussion. They won’t be forgotten the next time your date and her friends get together. What happened exactly? Have you been caught cheating? That is sure to be mentioned and talked over. Then, probably, it is mere household trifles, like your shaven off stubble not washed off properly (if at all) every time. There will come a day when this trifle will be brought out and thrashed out thoroughly. The difference is only that severe shortcomings will be talked about very soon, while petty offences can certainly wait until the time is propitious. But stay assured everything will be examined.

Man’s appearance

man-hemd-business-office-timeThis is the chief point of discussion at the early stages of your relationship, but it can as well arise later if we decide to work some alterations of our everyday style and attempt to surprise those around us with a different look. After her first date with you her friends will get a detailed description where they will see not only your appearance, but also the way she sees you in the first place. Consequently, how we deport ourselves can influence in a great way the impression produced on our potential girlfriend (and reported by her to her female friends). First, an overall impression, whether you are stimulating, passionate, or homely? Then, you may even be put down as ugly, and that will be an overstatement. Anyway, it is a point which is hardly predictable, and what’s more, can change with time. But if you show rough treatment and meanness, it can certainly detract from your attraction.

Your prowess in bed

700-man-naked-face-sad-sex-bedTake it as you like, as a good or bad thing, but chances run high that with you out of the room, your sex might instantly become a matter of discussion. Guys who do their bit and fall asleep as soon as they are through and guys who take their girls higher and higher to peaks of passion are alike in this: they will all be under discussion. Those who are satisfying or fall short of it, those who tend to do it mechanically without being inventive, those who are bent on varying, those who are sooo good, all are grist to the mill.

Your attitude to themkaboompics-com_young-man-holding-one-big-beautiful-bouquet-of-many-red-rose-flowers

This one is looming behind all of conversations, all of discussions, and there’s no getting away from this great topic. Even the reticent kind of woman who can keep mum on many other entries on this list will hardly be able to resist this one. Arguably, it unites men and women too: how the other party makes us feel, how considerate and reliable he or she is, how tender or harsh. People around us equal to emotions we habitually feel in their presence, and of course, the same goes for them when they are with us. So, while you treat your girlfriend/boyfriend well, she or he will think much of you and will be telling it to all who want to hear. This is the great secret of maintaining relationships.

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