8 Great Clothes Roller Uses around the House

We all love multifunctional things. Why pay more and take up valuable space in the apartment when one thing might solve several household problems? No, multi-tools for survival in the wild is in another section. We suggest learning what else your ordinary clothes roller is capable of.

A clothes roller is a thing common to almost any home and certainly to any IKEA in the neighborhood. Its function is obvious: bring clothes in order and make them a little cleaner. Especially if you share living space with furry pets. However, resourceful bloggers suggest using a sticky roller, not for its intended purpose. That will greatly facilitate cleaning in any home. Because it can help you to…

1. Clean the pockets and bags inside

After all, there is always some small garbage inside. Where does it come from, we wonder?

2. Remove pet hair from things other than clothes

It concerns furniture, carpets, curtains and even chandeliers. Yes, it is even there.

3. Collect tiny fragments of glass from a broken dish

They may not even be seen on the floor. But you will definitely notice these glass “splinters” if you step on them. So go over the scene of the accident with a roller, and then, possibly, use a vacuum cleaner.

4. Tidy lampshades and lamps

You have no idea how much dust they can accumulate.

5. Collect scattered sequins, beads and other products of children’s creativity

…or adult creativity.

6. Clean baby toys quickly and effectively

Especially this battered teddy bear.

7. Collect hair from the bath and the bathroom drain

Because doing it with your hands is just disgusting.

8. Remove a dead beetle

Because it’s even more disgusting than collecting hair in the bathroom.

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