9 Worst Fitness Trends Women Follow Today

Modern girls tend to be in good shape and carefully monitor their weight. However, workouts and related fashion trends sometimes just go beyond the limit and become hazardous to health and life. This is a survey of the most fashionable trends of the recent time, which you should not follow.

1. Protruding ribs

It turns out that protruding ribs are in trend today. It appeared thanks to such celebrities as Bella Hadid, Rita Ora, Nicole Scherzinger and Kourtney Kardashian, who shared their photos in bikinis. Their protruding ribs could be seen well in the photos.

2. Ab Crack

Cosmopolitan called Ab Crack a new trend of this season. Simply put, this is a marked line visually dividing the abdominal muscles in halves. For this, you need to have a skinny figure and a six-pack. However, doctors are sounding the alarm. For example, Dr. Mark Siegel said that there is nothing healthy about it, and vice versa – excessive enthusiasm for “body tuning” only harms your health, unlike regular exercise (running, cycling, swimming, etc.).

3. Alien yoga

“Alien yoga” is less harmful than any other trend on this list, but it looks pretty weird. You only need to see once how people bring their stomach in and out – it seems to be dancing and living a life of its own. That is why this type of yoga is dubbed “alien”. These exercises called “nouli” are supposed to correct hormonal imbalance, improve willpower and make a person happy and emotionally stable. However, nauli is not recommended for pregnant women and people suffering from hernia, ulcers or heart problems.

4. Waist trainers

Waist trainers are aimed at reducing waist volume. In fact, this is a kind of corsets that were popular in the 1500’s, during the Victorian era, and became popular again in the 2000s. These devices are supposed to reduce your belly, if you wear them regularly, but doctors warn that it can result in serious long-term damage to health. One of the possible consequences can be heartburn, indigestion and internal organs displacement.

5. Hide behind the sheet!

In 2016, there appeared a new trend in the Chinese social networks. Its rules are very simple — a girl needs to take a photo of herself holding a sheet of A4 paper and then share it. The point is that the waist should not protrude beyond the sheet. However, for this, your waist volume should be no more than 50 cm, which is very little, even for fragile girls.

6. Touch the navel, if you can!

Another strange fashion trend appeared in China in 2015. People are trying to touch their navel from behind the back and brag about their achievements in social networks. Needless to say that only very thin people can do it. Opponents argue that this promotes anorexia. Such a harmless posture also contributes to indigestion.

7. Coins on the clavicle

In 2015, the people began to share photos of themselves holding coins on the clavicle. It was believed that the more coins a person can hold this way, the sexier and slimmer he/she is. Of course, like most problems in this list, experts believe it is terribly harmful (because you need to lose weight so that the bones protrude in the best possible way).

8. Thigh gap

Thigh gap is a new viral trend among girls who are trying to lose weight to such an extent that their thighs do not touch even when they’re bringing their legs together. Experts say that this is not only risky, but virtually impossible.

9. Bikini bridge

In order to achieve a bikini bridge, a girl’s got to have a phenomenally flat belly. When she lies back, the lower part of her swimsuit is stretched between the bones of the pelvis, so that a gap is formed between the belly and the swimsuit.

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