15 Ways of Hiding Ugly Household Items

Trash bin, pet bowl, electric wires – neither of these things decorate the interior, they only spoil it. How to hide them, so that they do not irritate or create a cramped space? We found a number of practical and very interesting ideas!


Dirty laundry


Dirty trousers and skirts can never become part of bathroom decor, so you should try to hide them. There are, of course, common dirty laundry baskets. But you can be more creative and original, choosing a beautiful wicker basket for your interior. Eco-friendly, beautiful and practical!

Trash bin in the kitchen island


A kitchen’s interior can be ruined by the sight of a trash bin. It is reasonable to hide it, and there are several places to do it.


The first and the most common option is under the sink, the second – in the kitchen island, and the third – in a withdrawable shelf below the work surface (so it is convenient to remove waste during cooking).

Router camouflage


There is a router n almost every home, often in the living room, and it looks not very aesthetic. How to hide the small box with an antenna?


You can make an unusual screen shaped as book spines, or even put the router into the cover of a big old book. It will turn out to be very original and interesting! The only thing is, make sure the router’s cooling system is not closed by the book.

A great way to conceal an air conditioner


Air conditioners are installed in different places, sometimes attached to the outer wall, and sometimes directly to the window. In such a case, you receive a nasty view out of the window, which can simply be masked using painted plywood panels.

Electric meter camouflage


Electric meters are the biggest enemies of space in the hallway, they do not look attractive at all. But they, too, can be masked!


And it can be done very simply, if you have a wooden board and slate paint at hand – it will serve as an organizer for your notes.

An easy way to hide wires and charging


Electrical wires, extension cords, mobile phone charges and USB-cables can spoil any interior greatly. To avoid this, it is necessary to come up with a creative disguise for them. You can put cords and chargers into a beautiful basket and place it on the shelf. Extension wires can be turned into interesting decorations on the walls.

Ugly bathtub


If there is no possibility to replace a bathtub, and its outer lower part has become very annoying, then you should consider inexpensive decor.


For example, sheathe the outside of bathtub with old boards that will become stylish decorations.

Washing machine decor


Making a “camouflage” for the washing machine is a cinch! To do this, you only need some sticky tape and a little imagination. Oh, and scissors, as well. Everything completely depends on the mood and style of the interior – you can cut out diamonds, circles, squares etc, and decorate your washing machine.

Pet bowl


Pet bowls occupy a lot of space in the kitchen or in the hallway, and they do not look very nice. For them, you can make a small withdrawable panel at the bottom of the kitchen unit, it will hide the bowl and make interior trim.



Want to refresh the design of the refrigerator, turn it into an art object and breathe new life into it? It is easy! This can be done using slate paint or sticky tape.


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