15 Things to Never Buy Second Hand

Who doesn’t love good deals and saving money? Those who do not, never visit second hand stores or online shopping websites where you can find pre-owned things in a good condition, from children’s shoes to cars. After all, why pay more? However, not all things need to be saved on. For example, you’d better not buy the following items second hand – for your own health.

Hardly anyone likes to overpay. Especially when the world and the family budget are undergoing the everlasting crisis. In the end, things are things. They should serve to make our lives easier. Even if they used to serve someone else before. However, not all bargains are worth the money saved. The experts strongly advise us against buying second-hand products from the list, for the health and safety of your family. So never buy pre-owned…

1. Bike and motorcycle helmets

It’s simple. Even when they look good, they may be damaged, which threats your security.

2. Baby car seats

For the same reason. Moreover, an American study revealed that approximately one of 10 second-hand baby car seats have been in an accident. Do you want to entrust your baby’s health to a thing with a dubious past?

3. Tires

If they have also been in an accident – you cannot trust this product. Moreover, the seller will hardly tell you the truth.

4. Mattresses

Let us be brief: mites, lice, and natural human fluids. Phew!

5. Laptops, smartphones and small gadgets

Probably the most popular category of second-hand goods is gadgets. But, alas, no one will give you a 100% guarantee that the device has not fallen on the tiled floor, sunk in the bathtub or has not been stolen. However, the choice is yours.

6. Shoes

When you buy second-hand shoes online, you cannot try them on and see if they fit you. Besides, you should beware of a possible fungal infection. So be careful. And remember: even in the case of a successful bargain, disinfection is a must.

7. Bed linen

Even washing in hot water does not kill all possible bacteria, and bed linen has the closest possible contact with the human body.

8. Baby bottles

The matter is with plastic. Did you know that the FDA standard of safety changed in 2012, and all the pacifiers and bottles released earlier are considered potentially dangerous? Does this cute bottle have a production date on it?

9. Pots and pans

Rust, carbon deposits, damaged Teflon coating – do you really need all this?

10. Sofas and chairs

Have you read point No. 4 on mattresses? Re-read it again. Just consider the lack of sheets and other barriers between the potentially harmful stuff and your precious body.

11. Cosmetics

The products may be overdue, which could lead to allergies and unexpected skin reactions. In addition, if someone used them before…

12. Soft toys

There is always a probability that the new owner will encounter head lice, dust mites, and other unpleasant inhabitants in the soft fur of the toy.

13. Cribs

In short: unsafe.

14. Running shoes

Worn sole, sunken insole pads and other hardly noticeable defects can severely affect shock absorption and the health of your joints. What’s the point in a crippling run?

15. Hats and caps

Dandruff and even lice are, unfortunately, quite probable guests on the inner surface of an old hat. In addition, not all hats survive the laundry process. So better not to take risks.

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