Work at Home Mothers – Three Part Time Ways to Boost Your Income

If you are working at home while you take care of a baby or young children, you may be interested in picking up some extra things to do as a sideline to help you make a bigger income. Alternatively, if you don’t want to work full time but have a few hours to spare, you can use these ideas to work part time and make some extra cash. There are lots of things you can try from home, but here are three popular ideas that you can get started with fairly easily:

Forex Trading

Trading foreign currencies can be a very interesting hobby, and a great way to make money in your spare time. If you choose a good online trading platform, you can get started as soon as you are ready, and also trade on the go using your trading platform’s mobile app on your phone or tablet. Unlike trading stocks and shares, forex is especially good for busy people because there is activity 24 hours a day during the week, so you can even trade after the kids have gone to sleep.

Forex trading has gained a lot of popularity with the stay at home mothers and housewives, especially in Asia. In Japan, especially, there is a huge community of women who are involved with forex trading, and some of them have had a lot of success. To follow their example, you need to research how to trade and what the relevant financial terms mean, learn about how to perform and understand different types of analysis, and stay up to date on the economic calendars affecting your chosen currencies. It can be a fascinating learning curve, and can end up being profitable too!

Freelance Virtual Assistant Work

If you have good admin skills, you can make money by working as a virtual assistant on a freelance basis. You can find all kinds of jobs you can do from home like this, including data entry, marketing, website management, and SEO. You can work as much or as little as you want by only taking on work that fits with when you want to be online and working, and what you earn will depend on your skills and experience.

Buying and Selling on eBay

Everybody knows that a great way to make money fast is by selling your old stuff on auction sites, but if you want to, you can also make an income by trading on eBay. Look for things at local sales and events that you believe will sell for a higher price on eBay, or even sell things you have made or customized yourself. Whether you fancy renovating old furniture to sell or seeking out bargains you can sell on at local charity shops or car boot sales, turning a profit on eBay can be a great way to make money from a fun activity you can do at home.
These are just three easy to start ideas to help you make more money from home in your spare time.

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