15 Things Ladies Dislike about Themselves

Although there are women and women, coming in a great variety of kinds, yet they all have something in common. Living in a society obsessed by perfection, women are bound to be self-conscious at times, hard – and maybe sometimes too hard – on themselves. Because, in their heart of hearts, they would like to have everything it takes.


The idea is all right, but what exactly is “everything”? Is it a universal concept, or is it different for different strata of society? Anyhow, the task doesn’t appear to be very easy. The modern woman expects to be treated seriously; on the other hand, everyone around must be aware that she is beautiful and attractive. So, they can feel extremely bad when they suspect they fall short in any aspect. Speaking simply, there are things which they just can’t bear about themselves.

Maybe it does not relate to every woman, or maybe there are women who won’t admit it even to ourselves, but many is the time we wince when we regard certain parts of our body or figure out how much money we can spend. So, perusing a list of favorite hates among women can give us a deeper understanding of what we are really like. Surely any woman will find on the list something that is a burning issue for her, a situation she would like to address and change for the better.

Re: shopping

There is nothing wrong in shopping – until it turns to a sheer addiction. Can we walk through the store and go out without buying anything? Just how much control over ourselves can we muster when we find ourselves in retail places? How often do we endanger our bank account? We are all aware that men are considered to be more judicious spenders than women, which galls. Saving money is definitely not a womanish concept for many of us, while spending happens sort of itself. What about having a man to keep an eye on our budget, at least when it comes to shopping?

Re: hair

Men will never understand to what extent our hair can be disconcerting to us – the reason why we spend so much time on it. Our dressing-tables are littered with straighteners, extensions, highlights, curling irons. Hair is what we are always expecting more and more of – or something quite different from what we have. How often the next woman’s hair seems to look better and become an object of envy! At any time, in any circumstances we will find something about our hair to complain of. It’s a complicated relationship ever tainted by hate.

Re: breasts

While we know that men enjoy fondling our breasts, nevertheless – or maybe for the same reason – they make us self-conscious. We seldom perceive our boobs as perfect, unless they have been made such by surgery. Men may not mind details like shape and size, but women keep desiring a more graceful shape or better perkiness, believing that they can do with some lifting, filling out and what not. The unflagging popularity of surgeries women undergo to their breasts is evidence to the fact that many of us are not satisfied with our assets.

Re: skin

Skin is what we can’t very well hide if we don’t like the way it is, which can be downright maddening. If a woman finds her skin flawed, it becomes a source of never-ending chagrin. The worst of it all is we can but rarely get it right. No matter how many dollars we spend on skin products and procedures, we can’t get any guarantee that we will get the level of revamping we hope for. Those who do not have conspicuous blemishes like acne or spots are not free from worries either. Pimples can be a constant danger, and, if the truth be told, no woman can feel really secure about her skin – that’s why the issue is painful and causes bad feelings.

Re: insatiable curiosity

To know everything that is going on around us is an uncontrollable desire of every woman. It can’t but lead to nosiness and gossiping, and it’s common knowledge that females indulge in these pastimes far more than males. Yet, while any woman is always ready to join in on a gossiping spree, deep inside she is ashamed to be such an easy touch for gossip. We are aware that excessive nosiness causes a lot of trouble time and again, nevertheless, we give in to the temptation every time. It’s impossible for a woman to just wait for her birthday without trying to find out what present she will be getting – even if it will kill the surprise!

Re: hasty conclusions

What can be really harmful for us women is our constant jumping to conclusions. You can see how hateful this habit is to us by the way we invariably deny it, but if the truth be told, we do it all the time. Besides, very often we are prone to believe in the worst, the reason why girls don’t spend their time with the guys they like – only to find out later that their ideas were wide off the mark. By the way, guys are irritated and put off by this tendency of ours; cast your mind back and remember how many times it led up to quarrels. This one is an extremely disruptive habit, and we have good reason to hate it, still we’re off the second we’re given half a chance to make a hasty conclusion.

Re: sensitivity

There’s no doubt that men don’t even get close to women in terms of sensitiveness. That’s why women know so well how sensitiveness can trip you up. When you’re sensitive you’re weak (at least many women believe so), and it’s not a pleasant feeling. We’d rather keep our faces, try to establish our reputation, so when we feel like crying we shut ourselves off to do so. To show openly how sensitive we are is what only a rare woman will do, because we are ashamed. Yes, it means that we are compassionate, but since we are unable to exercise much control over our sensitivity we begin to hate it in earnest.

Re: weight

Those who have come to terms to their appearance keep track of their weight all the same. Our weight is not something we can safely forget about for long. We are plagued by the thought that we weigh more or less than we would like to. Is there any woman who is satisfied as she looks at the scale? We go on thinking about how we would change our weight and what steps we should take towards it. It’s not an easy thing to do, which augments the annoyance. Considering how sensitive the subject is, men are well advised not to get talking about weights no matter how close they are with the girl: it smarts every time.

Re: stomach

Weight issues are often centered around the middle section, and it is no surprise that many women’s attitude to their stomachs is very bad. There exists a set female shape in society which women try to emulate – and if they believe they fall short of the image, they start to worry. Going by the looks of Victoria’s Secret models, they think that a flat stomach is a must for a woman who wants to be sexually attractive. Therefore those whose stomachs are prominent rather than flat get very self-conscious about it. Probably it is the most ardently hated part of the body for women.

Re: love handles

These fatty pads that hang over the belt of our jeans, how come they got to be called “love handles”? They draw attention of our boyfriends, many of whom claim they are fond of grabbing them and pinching or fondling these layers, but the fact remains they don’t look good on us! So, guys, think twice before grabbing love handles – your girl may not like it though she may never admit it. Better not remind them they have that excess fat where they don’t want it.

Re: advent of infertility

Our internal biological clocks never stop ticking – that means at a certain point in time woman is apt to realize her fertility span will soon be through. It puts pressure on women because they know they can’t control it, however much they would have liked to. There are some who decide to disregard the message and live to be 50 having neither a partner nor children. Such women set a negative example for others who are afraid to come to this. They feel it is not fair that men can have children at practically any age while poor women have to ensure that childbirth falls into the not-so-long period when they are just right for it, neither too young nor too old. The necessity to build up a family up to a certain point is very unnerving and adds another reason to hate ourselves.

Re: periods

This is a topic too exasperating to discuss, yet we have to touch upon it in order to discuss our hates properly. Periods are a drag and exasperation put together. When they hit all you want is to lie down and never get up. We know what they are for and why they are a necessary part of our lives, yet we loathe every minute of them. They bring pains, unpleasant and uncontrollable mood swings, aversion to foods. We fall victim to them with terrible regularity and arguably if women chose to be utterly honest on the subject, the majority of them would say that it is their periods that they hate most.

Re: stalking

Women are born experts in finding out things up to the last bit of information – and then again, while some may hold it as a helpful ability, in the end it is another quality we secretly despise. Only it comes natural to us, you can rely on our digging up unbelievable amounts of info within the hour after getting interested in a person. Far less intriguing is the fact that to many people this quality may seem rather unmannerly, if not unsavory. While for a woman stalking is a natural thing to do, with males it can make us less sexy and desirable.

Re: jealousy attacks

Jealousy possesses infinite possibilities of backfiring, so after all is said and done it is not the quality we can be proud of. Jealousy is an intrinsic instinct which works subconsciously and doesn’t allow us much chance to come to terms with it. We can be jealous of virtually everything from pin-up girlie pics and female shop assistants at the mall we frequent with our beaus to their exes and girls he meets at social occasions. Of course, it springs from the feeling of insecurity, and it gives us only more reason to indulge in jealous bouts and dislike ourselves for giving in so easily afterwards.

Re: self-consciousness

Many will agree that it is the heaviest of burdens! Women are self-conscious even when they have no outward reason to be so at all – look at celebrities, most of them cannot boast that they are confident about their bodies, their skin, their faces, and the list can go on and on. Self-consciousness takes roots in the bottoms of our hearts and proceeds to create a range of problems; it takes away our security, satisfaction, peace of mind and pushes us to jealously, belief in the worst, and self-punishment. Being self-conscious makes us hate ourselves nearly all through our lives.