A Man Wears Stilettos All Day Long to Understand Women

A young man from Los Angeles has decided to prove by his own example that women lie when complaining about the uncomfortable high-heeled shoes. He conducted an experiment that required wearing shoes all day.


Popular video blogger from Los Angeles, Brandon Cohen, has long expressed his distrustful attitude to women’s saying how uncomfortable and painful high heels are. To prove his point of view, Brandon decided to conduct an experiment and wear such shoes all day long. The experiment began at 8:30 a.m. when the man put on stilettos with10-inch heels and went to work.

The whole day was documented in detail in the video, which later appeared on the Youtube channel. Brandon took the elevator and walked down the street, attracting numerous looks of the passers-by. The young man was wearing quite traditional clothes, which did not match women’s high-heeled shoes, and that aroused curiosity.

An hour later, Brandon felt discomfort, which was later replaced by pain. At every opportunity, he sat down to let his feet have a rest. At work, the number of curious glances and mocking smiles increased. The young man said to the camera that he had the feeling his colleagues did not respect him too much. He admitted it was hard to choose between respect and cool wardrobe. But he was determined to run the experiment to the end.

At half past noon he said that wearing those shoes had a negative effect on his mood. However, undesirable attention of the passers-by and his co-workers was only part of the problem. More suffering was caused by the shoes, and Brandon found it more and more difficult to wear them.

After 12 hours, he broke down and got rid of the shoes to walk barefoot. He said to the camera that he felt so much pain that it was impossible to bear it. Well, after the experiment he could understand women much better.