13 Mistakes Helping Women Develop

Sometimes negative experience helps understand life much better than positive one. As we march on through life, we are apt to stumble now and then, and while at first we feel nothing but irritation and anger at our own inability to deal with the situation, later along the line we grow to realize that we actually gained by what seemed to be a misfortune. So, what mistakes can turn out to be a blessing in disguise?


Lending money without thinking twice

Yes, you were willing to help her out with some ready cash, and it went without saying that she would pay back. Now you know she wasn’t going to from the start, and you don’t have to rush to help. Better to learn to say no than throw away your money like that.

Pressing the wrong buttons

Have you ever pressed “Reply all” only to realize that you’ve just sent out something you don’t really want other people to see? The habit of checking and re-checking what you are on the verge of doing will save you a lot of trouble, and you can learn to be wary about sending out derogatory stuff. Don’t give yourself away by pressing the wrong button thoughtlessly any more.

Faking orgasm

It’s not too great a fault, but if you get in the habit of doing it, you can mislead your partner with an unpredicted outcome. In fact, faking orgasm doesn’t get you anywhere, and as it is becoming obvious, take a hint and opt to discuss what turns you on instead. Experience the real thing instead of bettering your performance.

Heading for a burnout

You had thought you would cope with the load, only to find out that you bent under. It can teach you not to overexert yourself and to rearrange your priorities – you get to understand what things are more important in your life. Knowing your limits is also something to be grateful for.

Feeling free to gossip

What you let slip can often get back to the one you’ve been badmouthing, and that can be really awkward. Hopefully you got away with slight unpleasantness, but some bits of gossip can prove to be too costly! Think about it before you let yourself loose with what you know – empathy is rarely misplaced, so it’s a good lesson to be considerate of other people’s feelings.

Carrying your morning hangover to work

There are joyous occasions calling for more than two or three drinks, and you must have experienced turning up for work with a head full of last night’s drinks. It makes for an awful morning when you feel worn out, incapable, and less than human. Focus on it and make that resolution to lay off after a couple of glasses per weeknight. Mind, other people can see what state you’re in!

Forgetting about your friends when you’re in love

It’s understandable that when you fall in love you can’t think about anything else. Unfortunately, it goes for friends too. You begin to have no time for them, they are highly likely to feel brushed aside and deserted. When, some time later, it dawns on you how badly you treated them, you also realize that you didn’t want to lose them! Hopefully, they were understanding and did not take offence – and you resolved to never behave towards them like that again.

Getting stuck with the wrong job

Here you are with a job that is rubbing you the wrong way – but you don’t budge. You are bored, spent, lacking motivation, but somehow you don’t feel like casting about for another one. But once you’re out, you will certainly be more fastidious about landing the next one – you don’t want to get trapped the second time around. Now you know what factors had better be avoided.

Turning up in the wrong kind of attire

You know how you ought to be dressed when going to a job interview, but it’s not so easy with parties and events: what is the right touch of casualness or the right level of formality? You bungle it a couple of times (especially if you were too distracted by something else to pay proper attention to your clothes), but then you will fall into the habit of inquiring about the dress code with each invitation.

Indulging in uncontrolled eating day after day

Your belt is behaving strangely, and you feel heavy with the predominant desire to lie down and close your eyes or sit down and do nothing. You’ve had your fun at the table, and now it’s getting you down. Don’t think you’ve gotten into a rut. Think changes, remodel your eating habits and go for strenuous workouts. Are you likely to hit an overeating spree again soon? Probably your attitude to eating with abandon has changed.

Dating a guy who you know is wrong

You decided to let yourself go with a cute guy – or maybe you just needed a shot of romance and sex, and you hooked up with somebody you know is absolutely not your kind. How did you feel afterwards? Was it as satisfying as you had wanted? If not, there’s no reason to come down on yourself for that, but stop and think whether later on you will agree to enter a relationship (however brief) that leaves you empty and indifferent, probably even guilty. If you are inclined to treat it as a mistake, try to reconsider and chalk it up to experience – and fun.

Paying for friends

Friendship that thrives on money (your money) is sure to leave you frustrated and angry sooner or later. It may seem natural and all too human to open your wallet every time the situation calls for a little splurge, and you may be well justified to, yet it’s one of those things that needs to be closely observed and controlled. Is it friendly support or covert sponging? It’s up to you to know the answer to this one and quench the flow when you believe the time has come for taking measures.

Dismissing relationship warning signs

You know that he tends to be free with his favors, and not above straying off the righteous path when an opportunity presents itself. Yet he keeps assuring you that you are the only woman in his life, and no-one else matters. You cannot help believing again and yet again, although you feel betrayed. The longer you endure it, the stronger your unwillingness to do so next time will be growing. Now you know that these are not minor digressions, but a red flag announcing a relationship you’d be better off without.