12 Ways of Using Coca-Cola Around the House

Coca-Cola is not the healthiest drink. However, it can make your home even cleaner.


  • If you have burned a pan, then pour Cola into it and let it boil – you can achieve the initial state of the pan.
  • It is very easy to make any photo look old. To do this, just lightly wet the photograph with Coca-Cola and quickly wipe it. Do not make the picture too wet, or it will go bad.
  • If you have dyed your hair and it’s turned out too saturated, Cola will help you make it a little lighter.
  • If you soak old coins in Cola, it will make them shinier.
  • Pour Coke into your kettle and leave it there for the whole day. It will remove all the scum and the kettle will look as if new.
  • If you pour Cola into the closet basin, it will become much cleaner.
  • Mix Cola and sauce in a 1:1 ratio and spread this over a chicken, meat, etc. prior to cooking. It turns out very tasty!
  • Coca-Cola is a good hair conditioner. Pour it on your hair, rinse and dry it.
  • Pour Cola into flat wide dishes and place them in your garden. This will help you get rid of slugs. They are attracted by the sweet smell of the drink, and if they fall into the dish, they will not get out.
  • If you cannot unscrew a bolt because it is rusty, then take a rag, dip it into the Coke and wrap it around the bolt. Leave it this way for a few hours. After that, you will easily unscrew the bolt.
  • Clean your jewelry. Just put it into a glass of Cola and lightly brush. Do not do it to precious stones, it’s very bad for them!
  • Oddly enough, Cola helps with indigestion. However, do not take the bottle that has just been opened, as gases can only aggravate the condition. German doctors even recommend drinking Coke to rotavirus patients.
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