11 Ways for Girls to Spend an Exciting Night In

While the fun of dancing the night away in a cute short skirt at a posh club is undoubtedly one of the Ten Top Funs, you don’t want to do it every night. After all, it’s a bit much of a muchness, and time and time again girls may like to get together at home enjoying a cozy night-in solely for themselves. Make your friends at bars wonder what more thrilling place you have unearthed as you failed to turn up. This “more thrilling place” can be your home where you can get just as much fun without paying through your nose for it.


Now you have decided to text invitations to your best friends, what are you going to do? No need to get stuck and deflate if your mind is blank at first. You will fill it soon enough – the more so after going through this idea-abounding article.

So, fix it in your mind for tonight’s (and future!) use.

Games to down alcohol to

This will go down well in any weather, pick a game and add a drinking edge to it. It can be a board game like Monopoly or Pictionary, or any of more active games which you have to play with glasses in hands, drinking if you do something wrong (which will make it harder not to do something wrong next time!).

By the way, have you tried the classics like Flip Cup, Beer Pong, or Kings?

Movie night

You may get the latest movies which are the talk of the town, or, on the contrary, pick a bunch of oldies-goldies which are sure to please. Throw in ice cream to last the night, and you’ve got a perfect set-up for a romantic party to sigh over a sexy star or laugh your heads off if your theme is comedy.

Other girl’s clothes

Tell your friends to bring along as many clothes as they can, and get a clothes swap party. Include shoes, accessories, whatever you can think of that you are not going to wear any more. In a way it is even better than shopping, allowing for a number of fun-pregnant variations.

Cooking together

What about sharing a delicious dinner – which you have just cooked all together as a team? Find interesting recipes beforehand, allot kitchen jobs, learn some new kitchen tips and skills. Eventually you will be proud of your prowess and enjoy a meal you won’t taste anywhere else.

Bake wizardry

The same with emphasis on pies, complete with creating fun shapes, decorating, running contests. Showing your skills off and chomping afterwards will make a night out of it!

Comparing wines

A long row of bottles of various wines will appeal to everybody. Lay back, fill the glasses and discuss the quality of the beverages. A winning idea, that – getting some good wine in and feeling a connoisseur. There are discoveries to be made!

A beauty knowledge night

Open YouTube and go looking for beauty tutorials, there are plenty for many a night like this, if you get into it for real.

Let each of you choose an image that she hasn’t tried yet, probably a funny one, that you would never go for in natural circumstances, and work for it. It will mean getting busy first and getting titillated over the results afterwards. It may be the first of many nights of sheer delectation.

Books to the fore

Know a novel that your friends will also enjoy? Pile together all the latest impressions and share them in a long discussion. Voice and compare your opinions, pick up ideas for the next great read.


You may come up with a hotter kind of party like Ann Summers favors. Apart from the excitement, you can acquire some free products and bring in some new shades into your sex life. Let your boyfriend feel the changes.

Home dancing

See how different shaking your bottoms can be when done at home without a crowd of strangers around. Turn up the volume and go crazy, pour out your favorite drinks and give it all you’ve got.

Self-Made Spa

If you feel a bit tired out and low-key, treat yourself (and your friends) to a spa night. Add to it some extra beauty tricks, give a try to special facials and skin care ideas – and see how refreshed you all will be the next day.

Once you’ve started, you will be getting further and better ideas!

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