Exercise on Heels: Genius or Dangerous?

Exercise on heels is gaining immense popularity in the United States. The fans of this strange technique assure that heels provide extra load, tightening the buttocks and improving thigh muscle tone.


At first glance, it looks strange and even dangerous. Some women can hardly remain stable even just walking on heels, not speaking about intense exercising in such shoes. In addition, experts have repeatedly stressed that heels are harmful to health, causing the formation of painful bursitis and injuring feet.

It is more surprising to see the increasing popularity of high-heel exercising in the United States. Women do fighting, jumping, and even squats in these seemingly unsporty shoes. One of the first studios of the kind has recently opened in the UK. Nikki Minaj’s personal trainer is a devoted fan of high heel exercising. She is sure that high-heeled shoes help tighten buttocks and narrow hips.

Nikki says she fell in love with this technique from the very first lesson. The best and most effective exercise is done on high heels, because you make a movement with the lower part of the body more efficiently, involving small muscles. After such sessions, you feel muscle tension in those places that are not active when you wear athletic shoes: buttocks, calves, inner and outer thighs.

Physiotherapist Tim Allardyce says exercise on high heels is complete madness. You increase the pressure on your feet, because they are in an unnatural position. Much of the pressure falls on the big toe, and it can lead to bursitis, ligament injury, chronic back pain, and inflammatory processes. If you want to train specific muscles, turn to the instructor at the gym, and he or she will explain what exercises to do and what equipment to use!

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