10 Surprising Uses of Shaving Foam at Home

A man living in the house means you automatically get a pile of accessories, cooler than the toy Ken in your childhood. Among the “accessories”, there will certainly be shaving foam. Even if your husband/brother/son has a stylish beard. It turns out that this hygienic product has at least 10 additional and completely unexpected uses. See the details below.


Experiments have revealed that usual shaving foam is a very useful thing in the household. After all, it can help not only get rid of the stubble, but also clean up the mess in the house. For example:

1. Cleaning the stains on the carpet

Apply some foam on the stain; rub it with a damp sponge and leave to dry naturally. After a few hours, clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner, removing the remains of the dried foam, and enjoy the sight of your clean carpet.

2. Cleaning the surface of stainless steel and making it shine

A layer of shaving foam and a dry sponge will make your old pans and fridge look like new.

3. Protecting the bathroom mirror from fogging up

Apply some foam on the surface, wait half a minute and wipe dry. The product forms a thin water-repellent film that does not allow the glass surface fog up under the influence of steam. The trick also works with the door of a walk-in shower, glasses, windows and other glass/mirror objects.

4. Removing traces of negligent manicure from the skin

Beautifying their nails in a hurry, girls inadvertently smear the nail polish all over (except the nail itself). A small amount of shaving foam can solve this problem. Apply a little foam on the smears and rub cautiously. The nail polish will be erased from the skin, but it will remain on the nails.

5. Cleaning jewelry

The composition of shaving foam is not aggressive, it contains no hard abrasive particles, but it is full of cleaning components. This makes it a perfect instrument for delicate work, such as cleaning of jewelry. The recipe is the same: apply a small amount of foam, wipe, and dry naturally.

6. Cleaning the stains on the stove or oven without scratching

See paragraphs 2 and 5. And, yes, it is safe to use a metal dish scrubber.

7. Muting the creaking door

Try to lubricate the hinges with shaving foam. Perhaps it will not eliminate the problem permanently and completely, but it will give you at least a couple of evenings in silence.

8. Soothing the skin after sunburn

The secret is the emollients contained in shaving foam, and its cooling effect. It can also help relieve itching from insect bites.

9. Making paint for kids, which can be safely used on windows and furniture

Just add a little food colorant into the foam. Kids will be delighted with your permissiveness, and you can easily eliminate the consequences of children’s creativity with a usual wet sponge.

10. Going on a hike? Take a small bottle of shaving foam with you

After all, it can help to make the dixie shine, clean greasy hands and soothe the skin after exposure to sunlight and intrusive insects.

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