10 Great Ways of Using Starch around the House

The most common potato starch used to be found in any kitchen. Now, this valuable product is forgotten about, although many domestic problems are easily solved without expensive chemicals, which many people are allergic to.


1. Cleaning Silver

Beautiful spoons and forks can be cleaned very quickly. It is necessary to add just 2 teaspoons of starch into water, soak the cutlery there and then wash the items as usual.

2. Cleaning windows

You can forget about the long agony of rubbing the window glass till it shines. Just add starch into water, and it will work as an abrasive. Everything will shine, and there will be no stains.

3. A clean carpet

A carpet is one of the biggest sufferers in the house. Children spill juices and fruit drinks, and chunks of greasy chicken or pizza fall on it. Sprinkle the stain with starch, and it will absorb all the fat. After 10 minutes, the stain can be vacuumed.

4. Burns Treatment

You can easily get burnt at the beach in summer. Starch will help restore the skin. It is necessary to mix it with water to make a paste. This mixture is applied to the damaged areas.

5. Easy ironing with Starch

Previously, the things were starched while ironing, and now special sprays are used, though their composition is far from being acceptable! You can easily and quickly prepare a product for the flawless ironing of folds. Take a tablespoon of starch for a glass of water.

6. Getting Rid of Shoe Odor

Smell of the shoes is perfectly removed with the help of starch. If you spend the whole day in the shoes, it is sufficient to put some starch there for the night. In a matter of a few hours it will absorb the smell, and by the morning you will get a fresh pair of shoes.

7. Cleaning leather clothing and furniture

Clean your coat at home without sending it to the cleaner’s; remove fat from the leather upholstery of the chair with the help of plain starch. Just sprinkle it over the spot, let it stay there for 20 minutes, and wipe the surface with a damp cloth.

8. Books and maps

Water can be removed from such things, if you put them in a plastic bag, sprinkle with starch and shake.

9. Furniture polish

You can restore the attractive appearance of the wooden objects, if you mix starch with water at the ratio of 1:1 and wipe the surface with the obtained mixture.

10. Paint for creativity

This paint is safe and very simple for small kids. Take 1-2 tablespoons of water and twice as much starch; let the mixture boil and cool it. Mix everything with the selected dye, which is surely of food origin. This will be the excellent first finger paint.

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