Pet Christmas Gifts

Brits are known as a pet-loving nation and they certainly show it – a poll of 3,000 pet owners revealed that this Christmas British pets are going to be treated to presents worth as much as £100 million.

Christmas dog

Over half of all pet owners intend to get presents for their animals on December 25th, forking out £11.58. Since the UK houses 14.5 million cats and dogs, generous masters are going to buy pet Christmas presents for an astonishing sum of £99,096,800.

Most of this money will go on leads and stockings, animal toys and balls, various items for grooming and food treats.

30% of the owners polled say they want to give their pets something nice for Christmas because they love them, while almost 10% think that they see no reason why pets should be excluded from the Christmas festivities.

The comment from Сo-Operative Insurance reads that animals are not only appreciated for companionship but “are increasingly seen as part of the family.”

Source of the image: Photl.

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