Non-Traditional Men’s Gifts

Socks. Handkerchiefs. A Lynx box set. There is no end to grim, boring presents that every man gets every year. Now, there’s nothing you can do about Aunt Sylvia who won’t shop online because she’s scared the North Koreans will steal her credit card information from Amazon.

But if you are looking for a present for a man that’s a little out of the ordinary then this list could help. Equally, if you’re a man who’s fed up of smelling like a 14-year-old every January, then maybe leave this list lying around, perhaps with some helpful big red circles drawn strategically around some parts.

For a fantastic range of men’s gifts, check out Meanwhile, see our cool suggestions below:

Wall Mounted Beer Bottle Opener

What is the one kitchen tool that always seems to disappear whenever you actually need it? I’ll tell you what, it’s not the potato masher, which seems to simultaneously live in every drawer at the same time.

It’s the bottle opener. As soon as you want to open a bottle of beer after a hard day’s work, it disappears. That’s why I think every kitchen should come with a wall mounted bottle opener. They look cool and they serve a useful function. Unlike the electric potato masher.

A Woolly Hat

No, this is not the same as socks! For some reason, men just seem incapable of buying themselves a simple winter hat. Instead, we walk around getting frostbite on the tips of our ears as if hats aren’t even a thing.

Do us a favour, buy us a nice winter hat.


We’re simple creatures, we like drinking fermented wheat water, and we like how it makes us feel. So buy us some nice beer.

Luckily, in this day and age where there are more microbreweries than stars in the sky, selection boxes of unique and interesting beers are all over the place.

If you don’t want to literally wrap bottles of beer for us, there are also a number of websites and companies that provide a beer subscription service, where delicious beers will be delivered every month for your lucky man.

Trust me – this gift will be appreciated.

A Drone

Yeah, a bit leftfield, but this harkens back to our childhoods. This is really the modern equivalent of an electric car-racing track or a Hot Wheels death loop thing. Well, you can either buy us one of those and we’ll sit on the floor all afternoon playing with little plastic cars, or you can buy us a drone.

Chances are we’ll crash it into a tree within 5 minutes of taking it out the box, so you won’t have to worry about it for too long.


You know what… the man in your life probably does need some socks. I mean, I’m a man and I don’t think I can ever remember actually buying socks at any point in my life. This leads me to believe that actually, all the socks I do own must have arrived gift-wrapped at some point.

So ok, we’ll add socks to the list – but no Lynx box set – under any circumstances!

Author’s Bio

Paul Butler is a travel writer and diarist from Cumbria, UK. Keen on long walks in the British countryside, traditional English ales and hearty meals, Paul also enjoys fly fishing along the banks of the River Eden, painting landscapes and cultivating his own cheeses on the family farm. Paul is also a cartography junky, and is never happier than with a copy of an Ordnance Survey map in one hand, and his compass in the other.

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