The Leather Anniversary: 5 Gifts For Your Third Year

Every major anniversary has a customary gift and for the third wedding anniversary, the traditional gift is something made of leather. Why leather? Many say leather represents the strength of the relationship and your lasting commitment to each other. If you’re coming up on your third anniversary, these 5 stylish leather gifts are designed to stand the test of time – just like your relationship.

Smart Shoes

One of the great things about leather is that many of the gifts are both indulgent and practical, and fine leather shoes certainly fulfill both of these categories. For your third anniversary, consider gifting your spouse a pair of quality leather shoes, as well as the supplies to properly care for them. When properly cleaned and maintained, leather shoes can last for years. You might want to check out the cobblers in your area as well, as the uppers will likely outlast the soles.

Leather Earrings

Many third anniversary guides recommend the same handful of items over and over, like wallets, belts, and watches, because how many things can you really make out of leather? As it turns out, you can make all sorts of things if you’re willing to be creative, which is why we love this fun idea: leather earrings. Cut-out and embossed, leather earrings are a fun twist on more traditional jewelry, perfect for the fashionable yet whimsical woman.

A Better Bag

There are lots of leather bags on the market since this durable material is favored by everyone from top lawyers to fashion models, but not all leather bags are created equal. If you’re considering buying your partner a leather bag for your wedding anniversary, be sure to choose a company that can prove its value, like Portland Leather, which makes hand-crafted bags at a minimal markup. You don’t have to overpay for quality – you just have to do your homework.

Highlight Your Hobbies

Is your partner a little low maintenance for leathers bags or shoes? In that case, consider keying into your spouse’s hobbies when choosing their gift. A leather camera or guitar strap can add some flash to a favorite activity, while avid travelers might appreciate a leather passport case for organizing their documents. Athletes might favor a signed football or basketball – some of the nicer ones are still made from leather, making them memorabilia, more than sporting goods.

Flowers And Flourishes

One of the great things about living in this DIY moment is that people are making all kinds of delightful crafts, meaning there are nearly endless options for the inventive gift giver. For example, handmade leather flowers are a lasting alternative to roses, while a personalized leather journal may be the perfect gift for a writer. If you find the right craftsman, you can have your leather gift customized with meaningful imagery or a favorite phrase.

Don’t get stuck in a gift giving rut. Make the most of your leather anniversary with a gift that won’t just last for the long haul, but that your partner will appreciate and use for years to come.

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