Addicting Drug that… Makes Healthier. Powerball

Addicting drug that… makes healthierIt was created by NASA a few years ago and served as a trainer for astronauts in space. Now it is the reason of the new world competition, a good gift idea and a great fun maker. Once you try it, you will never want to stop, it becomes a kind of drug (since I brought this miracle home, there has not been a day, when my boyfriend did not murmured with it). But fortunately this addiction is totally healthy: it strengths the fingers, hands, wrists, arms and shoulders. As a pianist, and a badminton player, I find it a perfect trainer.

How it works

You set this rotor in motion using a cord or your finger and build its speed by subtle rotation of the wrist. It contains no motor and no batteries. All of the energy which comes from you and the stronger you are, the faster you will be able to make your Powerball spin. And the faster you spin the inner rotor, the more inertia it generates and the more resistance it subsequently inflicts upon the fingers, hands, wrists, arms and shoulders.

The world competition

There exist different models of the device on the market. The more expensive ones have a speed meter on it. It shows, how fast the rotor is spinning inside the ball. Not so long time ago there was born a world competition. Today a lot of Powerball players try to beat Akis Kritsinelis, a Greek who achieved an unbelievable high score of 15840 rotations per minute (rpm).

A variant for fun

There are also neon models available. They are really beautiful in the darkness and are the best for parties. The faster the rotor spins, the more it shines. Such Powerball models are recommended only for occasional users and light lovers. You will suffer from a handicap due to the fact that the lighting take a part of the energy which is provided to the Powerball, and because of the heavier rotor.

The cheaper models of Powerball are pretty simple and have neither speed meters nor neon light and just serve to train different muscles: biceps, forearms, pectoral and so on. Mine is actually one of them, but we are thinking about buying another one, because one Powerball for two is not enough 🙂

There exist many other trainers that help to be stronger and more beautiful. But this one was tested on me and my boyfriend and it IS good.

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