G-strings – so Beautiful, so Dangerous

G-strings is the type of lingerie that is hailed by many women as the best bet for certain occasions. They are the right thing for hot summers when most of underwear may prove too cumbersome. G-string swimwear on the beach will guarantee you the evenest of tans, and there is nothing else that will go as well with skintight costumes or see-through dresses.
Megan Fox in G-strings and Bra

How Wearing G-strings Affects Women’s Health

But are g-strings equally fine for the health? That’s some question, and clarification on it shouldn’t come amiss. Dr. Liza Masterson, L.A.-based gynecologist, has information to impart on the effect of a regular use of g-strings on women’s health. The research she conducted shows that this popular type of lingerie can prove harmful for a number of reasons.

Avoid Synthetic Lingerie Fabrics

For starters, constant wearing of g-strings makes women more likely to contract yeast vaginal infections and venereal diseases. Synthetic fabrics that are usually used for making g-strings (nylon, for one) are apt to retain moisture and therefore provide conditions suitable for various pathogenic bacteria. The back strip of cloth gives bacteria a sort of a sloping way by which they reach the vagina easily. There they find a moist area where they can grow and travel from one organ to another in the same fashion.

Wearing G-strings and Health Hazards

Then, this convenient underwear, not being form-fitting, begins to chafe after a time thus threatening with irritation, anal fissures, hemorrhoids at the worst. Providing constant rubbing against the skin, g-strings may prove a dangerous kind of lingerie to be wearing if you fall or meet some other accident. Statistics show a fairly great risk of injuring the genitals with these scanty panties.

Tips on How to Wear G-Strings the Healthy Way

Dr. Masterson’s study drove her to conclude that g-strings are not a healthy kind of underwear to be worn regularly. Some pieces of advice from her can help those who have a definite liking for these lingerie items avoid the direst of consequences.

  • Pick natural cotton or silk g-strings.
  • If your g-strings are made from synthetic fabrics use sanitary towels which should be changed regularly.
  • In terms of health looser-fitting g-strings are better than close-fitting ones since they are believed to be less prone to disseminate infectious bacteria.
  • Avoid wearing g-strings throughout the day and change into a more comfortable kind of lingerie as soon as you can.
  • Remember that hot and wet weather is the worst one for wearing g-strings.
  • G-string swimwear is not advisable.
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