Most Extraordinary Scents for Winter 2018-2019

You are surely fed up with citruses and teas, which are traditionally associated with the fall and winter when it comes to fragrances. We have found five interesting perfume notes that suit the current season.

Blackcurrant leaves

Blackcurrant leaves have a fresh, woody mint flavor, which seems to be one of the brightest smells of the autumn garden. Perhaps the shrub is still associated with the cold season because it is traditionally used to treat colds. Currant contains vitamin C, and it is useful to add it to tea in order to stop inflammation in the body.

In perfumery, current is best combined with flower-fruit compositions and citrus, so it will definitely appeal to those who want to cheer up in the morning. Don’t you know that it is the right aromatic notes that can tune your mood throughout the day?


We associate it with delicious warm pastries and pleasant tea drinking (or coffee). In addition to creating coziness, cinnamon is attributed completely opposite properties – it is considered an aphrodisiac. Some perfumers recommend both couples and singles breathing in the scent of cinnamon: to restore harmony in relationships and regain passion or to rid of the fear of starting a new romance (of course, sometimes a pleasant smell is not enough, and one needs self-confidence and consultations of a psychologist).

By the way, the beloved, who began dating in the cold season, are considered more robust: if they were able to withstand the test of cold, they will overcome the rest of the obstacles. In contrast, summer couples seem favored by the weather and the general positive atmosphere. If your personal life is calm, at least you know you need to start with a couple of drops of cinnamon on your wrist.


Well, cold and dull autumn can hardly be imagined without absinthe! We do not recommend taking it inside. Instead, everyone is allowed to try and inhale this dry and bitter coniferous fragrance in the perfume.

Absinthe notes are associated with a relaxed and noisy company in the bar. Such flavors will make you feel like an aristocrat of the 20th century.


Cashmere and delicate aroma of wild figs is considered very specific: someone feels it is revealed in full force, while others notice that it instantly disappears. So not many manufacturers of perfumes dare to add this component to their creations. They all treat it differently. Some people consider it languid and painful, mysterious and passionate, while for others it is associated with the coolness of the autumn park. Perhaps it can be advised to the same kind of people: restless, changeable and mysterious.


This warm and woody note fits easily into the most complex compositions and facilitates them. Licorice can definitely be taken to the negotiations, or if you finally decide to reconcile with your worst enemy. It will do the job for you!


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