Kate Moss's Fragrance Lilabelle

The famous model Kate Moss announces a new fragrance Lilabelle, a floral scent for young girls named in honor of Kate’s daughter Lila Grace.

Lilabelle by Kate Moss

The basis of the fragrance is the mixture of modernity and the classics. Lilabelle is intended for the young girls, who become women, as well as for the women, who want to be young girls. The composition is playful, sophisticated, bright, and delicate.

By its nature, the smell can be referred to the floral-musky-woody compositions. Its essence is at the same time sensual, enveloping, passionate, feminine, fresh, playful, and daring.

The main notes include mandarin, osmanthus, freesia, lily, jasmine blooming at night, the plum flower, sandalwood, ambra, and heliotrope.

Source of the image: Mobile.uk.msn.

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