Drunkorexia – Dieting and Drinking Alcohol

Everyone, who has ever counted calories in her life, knows that alcohol and diet are incompatible. According to the number of calories, a couple of cocktails can be more substantial than even a hearty lunch. However, during the visits to the club, people find it easier to give up food rather than alcohol.

Dieting and drinking alcohol

Adolescents and bohemians are most susceptible to the new illness, which is dubbed with the term “drunkorexia” in the newspapers. The matter is that disordered nutrition and frequent use of all kinds of alcohol during an evening can seriously undermine one’s health.

To prove this fact, the scientists from the University of Missouri conducted a survey which showed that 16% of young people stick to this dangerous “diet” by rejecting healthy calories in favor of “alcoholic” ones. There are 3 times more girls than boys, who are trying to lose weight in such a way.

According to the scientists, “drunkorexia”, in addition to gastritis and gastro-intestinal diseases, is dangerous because of its cognitive and behavioral disorders. Victoria Osborne, Assistant Professor at the School of Social Work and Health at the University of Missouri, says that depriving the brain of adequate food and drinking large quantities of alcohol can be dangerous. Together, they may cause short-term and long-term cognitive problems, including difficulty in concentrating and making decisions. This becomes a real problem for the person affected and also their family. Instead of getting a slim body and shop for new clothes of smaller sizes they have to seek help for alcoholics in the end.

In addition, the researchers remind that the woman‘s body metabolizes alcohol differently than that of men, so the girls may experience earlier development of the disease as well as more damage caused by it.

In addition to alcohol consumption, the doctors are concerned about soda drinks. Sweet soda drinks increase blood sugar levels (which can lead to cancer of the pancreas) and can also cause unmotivated aggression.

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