Deo Perfume Candy


The experts of one of the biggest Bulgarian confectioneries have presented a unique new product: it is an unusual candy which gives a wonderful sweet smell to any lady who eats it. Thus, at the same time it acts as a kind of perfume.

New Sugar-Free Deo Perfume Candy

As the producers explain, its action is based on the same principle as the smell of garlic. Of course, the fragrance, which appears in the case of eating the candy, is much more enjoyable for people around.

Thus, according to the expectations of the developers, the new product with an attractive name Deo Perfume Candy should replace traditional deodorants and other types of perfumes. Such an unusual effect, as the authors of the invention describe, is achieved due to the presence of confectionary substance which is called geraniol. In natural conditions, it is also present in some essential oils, such as lavender or vanilla.

At the same time, unusual candies are safe for women’s figure: instead of natural sugars which contain a large amount of calories, these candies are produced with the use of natural alternatives of sugar. Moreover, the experts note that the idea of using geraniol for such purposes is not new, despite the fact of this product being really innovative. In Japan, a special chewing gum is already sold to give each customer a chance to reach the effect of the perfume and make the smell of the body more pleasant.

Source of the image: Meetsobsession.