Chanel №5 Is for Women over 60

This fragrance is breaking all sales records. Yet, some experts claim that the iconic Chanel №5 perfume is most suitable for aged women. They gave a hint about what fragrances to buy when you are 20, 30 or 40 years old.


Psychologist Rachel Herz studied popular fragrances and identified the most successful options for different ages. Here’s what she got:

Best Fragrance for 20-year-olds

The perfect fragrance for 20-year-olds is Balenciaga Rosabotanica. Girls in this age group are particularly susceptible to advertising; their idols affect their choice. In the case with Rosabotanica, Kristen Stewart, who is the face of the fragrance, probably influenced many girls’ choices.


Best Fragrance for 30-year-olds

Nest Fragrances’ Paradise is best for 30-year-old women. Women of this age need optimistic fragrances, as the psychologist claims. This fragrance is uplifting, refreshing, and invigorating.


Best Fragrance for 40-year-olds

For those who turned 40, the most successful fragrance is Tom Ford Black Orchid. Women over 40 can choose rich and spicy fragrances, even with masculine notes. The admirers of 40-year-old women also appreciate such fragrances.


Best Fragrance for women in their 50s

50-year-old ladies should look for sparkling and light scents. For example, Elizabeth Arden Untold.


Hottest Fragrance for women in their 60-ies

Finally, the best choice for 60-year-old women is the famous Chanel № 5. No matter how the French House tries to attract a younger audience to the fragrance, it is in vain. According to psychologists, women over 60 are typical connoisseurs of these perfumes.


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