Women's Wear Spring-Summer 2009 Collection from Emilio Pucci

Spring-summer 2009 collection from Emilio Pucci is practically filled with summer and a variety of colors thanks to numerous patterned and geometric prints in orange, pink, blue, yellow, and white.

Pucci Summer Collection 2009

The collection combines summer mini-dresses, corsets, and mini-skirts with jackets or long caftans, and sparkling evening string dresses with loops and jewel-cut beads and rhinestones. In addition, solid-color dresses, tri-color bathing suits, and leather add athletic theme to the collection.

Pucci White Knee Length Dress

Pucci Turquoise with Purple Dress

Pucci Light Blue Bathing Suit

Pucci Long Dress

Pucci Leather Jacket

Pucci Sparkling Mini Dress

Pucci Tri Color Dress

Pucci Shirt with Geometrical Prints

Pucci Peach Corset and Mini-Skirt

Pucci Long Chiffon Dress

Source of the images: style.com.