Shall You Buy a Prom Dress This Year?

Does it make sense to buy a prom dress this year? What if they cancel the party?


Today the main priority is safety. People still want to have fun. But is it a good idea amid the COVID-19 pandemic? Nobody knows if proms are taking place this year. Concerts are canceled, sporting events too. What about the proms? Shall you buy a prom dress this year or not?

Even if your prom shall only take place in a zoom conference, you’d need a good reason to buy and wear a beautiful dress, especially if the dress costs a bit more than you usually spend on a clothing item. It would be a pity not to wear it somewhere “live”.

Certainly, it’s not a great idea to buy something you will never wear, so what about buying a prom dress that could be worn for other occasions too?

I wouldn’t recommend buying a maxi dress with lots of crystals and other ornaments. Besides, it’s hard to find something looking modern and trendy among them. But a cocktail dress would be a good option – because you could wear it again after for a birthday or New Year’s Eve party, for example.

But if you’re a bit tight on budget and don’t want to spend money on a cocktail dress, opt for a casual dress and complement it with some statement accessories, such as large earrings or a fitting pair of stilettos or pumps. Less is more – this is one of the most important rules in fashion.

Even if someday you find out that your prom is canceled, be ready for it. The lower the expectations, the smaller the disappointment! Don’t forget that high school is only a milestone in your life. And it’s not the most important one. And there will be so much more in the future!

Anyway, when the pandemic is over you will have the chance to party with your high school friends again! And wear just any dress you want 😉

And below are some great ideas for casual and cocktail prom dresses: