Hottest Trend for Summer 2020: Nightgown Dress

We will talk about one of the main trends of this and the upcoming seasons. Lightness, naturalness and convenience are fashionable these days. The linen style is strengthening its positions. Next season, a satin dress-shirt looking like a nightgown will be one of the most trendy things.

Stylists proposed to wear nightgown dresses last winter. Satin skirts have gained more popularity since then. But this summer, nightgown dresses have no competitors: almost all brands have already released their options without plotting with one another.

A nightgown resembles a shirt, but you do not need to be afraid of it. Feel free to complement it with anything. Moreover, this clothing item can easily be called universal!

Nightgown as a standalone dress

One popular pairing option is a nightgown with a straight oversized cardigan. Shoes should not necessarily be high-heeled: in addition to boat shoes and sandals, sneakers or brogues will be suitable as well.

Nightgown as a top

Stylists suggest replacing the classic top with a nightgown: it is thin and easy to tuck in jeans, for example.

Nightgown dress as a skirt

Yet another proof of versatility is that a nightgown may well replace the fashionable satin skirt. In warm weather, you can add a loose shirt to the image, and in cool weather, there can be a voluminous sweater.

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