Lifehacks for Your Shoes

Perhaps everyone is familiar with the situation when the shoes fit your feet like a glove, when you are trying them on in a store, and then become completely uncomfortable at home. Do not lose hope for there are many options how to fix such an annoying misfortune. In this article, we will talk about several useful lifehacks that will allow you to always be on top and never experience any discomfort from your shoes.

1. Reduce the load

Walking all night in high heels is difficult, but possible. To slightly reduce the load on the front of the foot and avoid pinching the nerve, fix the third and fourth toes on the foot with tape. Try not to overact otherwise you will disturb blood circulation.

2. Absorbent insoles

This may seem strange, but sanitary pads absorb sweat and can be used as insoles. recommends this lifehack to everyone who suffers from excessive foot sweating.

3. Toothpaste

It turns out that toothpaste copes not only with plaque on the teeth, but is also an excellent tool for cleaning white shoes. Thorough cleaning of shoes with toothpaste will help eliminate plaque, yellowness and mask existing scratches. By the way, you can use an old toothbrush for this.

4. To avoid slipping

To prevent shoes from slipping, apply a few thin strips of hot glue to the sole. This will improve traction on the sole and make your walking safer.

5. Odor remedy

To combat unpleasant odors inside the shoe, you don’t have to buy any special products, just a couple of tea bags. recommends putting them inside the sneakers for the night, and by morning no unpleasant odors will be left. Silica gel sachets can also be used for the same purpose.

6. Creases on shoes

Due to frequent and inaccurate wear, creases may appear on the shoes, spoiling their appearance. An iron with a steaming function will help to solve the problem. To perform this procedure, cover the problem area with a damp cloth and steam it thoroughly.

7. Remedy for corns

If you have to go out in new shoes or take a long walk in not very comfortable shoes, treat your feet with an ordinary solid deodorant before putting on the shoes. It will prevent moisture on your feet and protect your legs from blisters and corns.

8. Upgrading flip flops

Flip flops are sometimes so stiff that they simply cannot be worn. Most often this happens with cheap flip flops of not very good quality. A soft fabric will help to solve the problem and even slightly improve the appearance of your beach footwear. Just wrap the flip flops with it and enjoy comfortable wearing.

9. Stretching the shoes

Sometimes new shoes ordered on the Internet or bought spontaneously and without proper fitting are too small or tight. In such a difficult situation, packages of water will come in handy. Put them inside the shoes and then in the freezer. Thus, you can stretch a new pair of shoes up to one size, provided that the shoes are made of genuine leather or suede.

10. Making the shoes more wearable

New shoes will not rub and hurt your feet on the first day of wearing, if they are spread properly. To do this, we recommend wearing wet wool socks and walking around the apartment in new shoes. To enhance the effect, socks and shoes can be dried with a hairdryer.

11. Suede cleaning

The porous structure of bread is very similar to natural suede. That is why bread can be used to clean it. Take note of this method only if you don’t have a special brush or if the cleaning result does not suit you.

12. Heel protector

It would be nice to get special heel protectors for the heels not to get stuck in the ground or rubble while walking. These are transparent caps on the heel that can make it thicker from the bottom, not spoiling the appearance of even stiletto shoes.

13. Storing boots

Winter boots will not crumple in the summer season, if you do not put them in boxes. Keep high boots unfolded by placing waterpads or newspapers inside.

14. Shoe shine

After you eat a banana, do not rush to throw away its skin. It can be used to polish leather shoes of any color. After this procedure, the shoes will shine no worse than after the most expensive polishing agent.

15. Snow-white soles

To restore the white color of your sneaker soles, clean them with a nail polish remover. Acetone will perfectly cope with even the most difficult spots, and your favorite sneakers will look new again.

16. Flip flops protection

Flip flop straps often get loose when walking, which is very inconvenient. To prevent such an unpleasant thing, a small piece of plastic in the form of a donut, should be fixed on the outside of the sole.

17. Waterproof boots

If your shoes do not tolerate wet weather too well, paraffin or beeswax will help to make them waterproof. Rub it properly on the surface of the shoe, leave it for a while, and then gently remove the residue with a clean cloth.

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