Crazy Wedding Traditions from around the World

Any people or country stands out due to its traditions, features and rituals associated with everyday life or memorable events. What we are used to may seem a strange habit to foreigners, therefore it is not surprising that some foreign customs can amaze us. Is there a better occasion for original decisions and a special mood than wedding? However, at some weddings one should be cautious, otherwise you can be beaten or stained with dirt.

1. Java

In real life, little comes for free. A wedding is a very important ritual, therefore, on the island of Java, they believe that you need to pay for it. Rat tails are chosen as the ritual currency. For the newlyweds to have fun and celebrate their solemn event, they must pay 25 rat tails. And if you want to get a divorce, you have to pay as many as 50 rat tails.

2. South Korea

South Korea is distinguished by many unusual traditions; wedding celebrations are no exception. However, the Koreans decided to surprise everyone as much as they could: after the wedding ceremony, the Korean groom is beaten in the legs with foul fish for about 15 minutes. Yet, his problems do not end there because after such an unusual initiation into family life, he should not wash his legs and go straight to bed on the very first wedding night. This tradition is a little outdated, and ordinary sticks are used instead of fish, which can hardly be called pleasant.

3. Kenya

In any modern country, insults and rudeness are considered unacceptable in society, and especially in the family. However, in Kenya, the views are radically different: for the bride to be happy in her marriage, the father must spit on her before she leaves for a new family. This kind of behavior is considered the best parting word and blessing that a caring parent can provide.

4. Malaysia

Some peoples are directly distinguished by their incredible superstition. For example, in Malaysia, members of the Tindong community have special requirements for newlyweds. In order for the couple to remain biologically full and fertile with regard to the birth of future children, both the groom and the bride should not go to the toilet and take a shower for three days and nights before the wedding. Other people’s vigilant control and a strict diet with a small amount of water and a minimum amount of food help to fulfill such a difficult tradition.

5. Scotland

Brides always worry about their snow-white dress and try to keep it as clean as possible. However, the Scottish wedding ceremony can even shock because it is a common thing to stain the beautiful elegant bride with dirt as much as possible. It is believed that this is the way to get rid of squabbles and negativity in the future family.

Interesting information from All guests take part in the wedding tradition: they smear the bride with soot, pour sauces and dirt on her, and then the beauty appears in front of the whole city.

6. Mauritania

In Mauritania, men love plump and puffy women. Therefore, unlike most brides around the world who stick to a diet before the wedding, girls go to special “fat farms” on the west coast of Africa, where you can and should eat as much as you like. Fat on the stomach and sides is welcome, and if the bride gains a couple of extra kilograms, she becomes even more beautiful.

7. India

In India, there is a belief that women who were born in the special phase of Mars cannot marry because they are cursed. However, cunning women found a way out here: they are married to a tree, or rather a wooden idol. After the wedding ceremony, they bury their wooden husband in the ground, thereby removing all the negativity of the curse. After that, women are considered pure widows and can enter into a new marriage.

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