Shampoo with Salt: Why Is It Good For Hair Care?

Epsom salt is a fairly popular product in medicine and healthcare. They say that it has incredible cleansing and healing properties and is also a natural solution to many problems of the body. This sounds great, but does not explain why salt is added to the shampoo. already knows the secret that can be revealed by reading the article.

1. Shampoo with salt

From a technical point of view, Epsom salt is not even salt, but a mineral that contains a combination of various sulfates of sulfuric acid and magnesium. Scientists and doctors who study the beneficial properties of Epsom salt recommend adding a little of this substance to your shampoo bottle and washing your hair when needed. You can even add salt to everyday shampoo. Positive changes can be noticed after using it even a couple of times. It happens due to the fact that salt saturates the shampoo with useful minerals and components that provide hair with an incredibly beautiful appearance, health and shine. You can buy Epsom salt at any pharmacy.

2. “Two in one” mode is included

Epsom salt can upgrade not only shampoo, but also hair conditioner. Pour a little conditioner into the cooking pot and distribute it evenly, add a handful of Epsom salt, and then start heating it slowly. After 10 minutes, let the mixture get cool.

When warmed, the conditioner mixed with salt must be applied to the entire length and roots of dry hair and gently massaged with your hands. After that, leave the conditioner on the hair and let it soak for several minutes. When the desired time expires, wash off the conditioner and salt with warm water. Numerous trials have experimentally proved that this method works well against split ends and improves hair volume.

Interesting information from Epsom salt is a substance that acts well on the body in multiple ways. It is often prescribed for people with magnesium deficiency. Salt is also often added to the foot bath to relieve fatigue and stress after a hard day. Some people also take a bath with Epsom salt, thus relaxing and healing the muscles and cells of the whole body. Salt is beneficial even for the face. It can be used in a wonderful home-made scrub. To create it, you need to mix a little Epsom salt with liquid soap or day cream and then gently rub this mixture into your face with circular movements. After the procedure, the face should be washed with warm water. Thanks to the scrub, dead skin particles will be gently removed and the epidermis moisture will be at an optimal level.

However, Epsom salt is not the only miracle cure that can improve hair condition. To feel like a person of royal blood, it is worth trying a few more useful tips for the health, volume and shine of hair.

3. Hair mask

Once or twice a week, hair needs a good mask. It is useful for nourishing, moisturizing, giving a healthy and shiny look. At home, you can cook an excellent antioxidant mask, which will include a combination of different berries. It can make hair voluminous and shiny at the same time. To facilitate styling and make your hair more manageable and even, you can try a homemade mask with proteins, which will include a raw egg and avocado.

4. Beer can not only be drunk

The fact that beer is good for nourishing hair is a fairly common and well-known life hack. But many girls still ignore its useful value in home hair care. However, it is worth trying to make sure how quickly and effectively the yeast strengthens the hair shaft, while hops and malt nourish and stimulate it. To provide hair protection against dandruff and dryness, you can add a little rosemary to beer. This should be done in advance, 15 minutes before the start of shampooing, so that the herb has time to give its beneficial properties to the liquid.

5. Massage for the scalp

Massage is not only pleasant, but also very useful. The value of such a wonderful procedure can hardly be overestimated: improving blood circulation, an additional influx of useful elements, cell renewal, strengthening and healing. Head massage before or while washing the hair is recommended with circular movements on the skin in the root area. If you perform this procedure regularly, you can notice over time how stronger the hair has become, that it does not fall out, that it has acquired a healthier and more beautiful look.

6. Shampoo may harm

Everyone finds the sensation of clean hair pleasant. That is why some people prefer to wash their hair daily. Sometimes this is really useful if the appropriate shampoo is bought, and the scalp is characterized by increased fat content. However, if there are no special reasons for frequent water procedures, it is better not to abuse the use of shampoo, which can dry the skin and wash natural oils from the hair, provoke dandruff, and make the hair lifeless and dull.

7. Corn starch

Corn starch is one of the best home remedies when you need to quickly tidy the hair that already requires washing, but there is not enough time for this. This simple ingredient is able to quickly absorb oil and sebum from the hair roots and make them clean and voluminous. It must be used dry and as often as needed. After use, simply comb your hair thoroughly with a thick comb.