Levi's Ex-Girlfriend Jeans

The so-called «boyfriend jeans» are still considered to be one of the most popular models of women’s jeans. Do you know that the famous denim brand Levi’s has launched the production of «Ex-Girlfriend Jeans» for men?

Ex-Girfriend Jeans

To begin with, it can be noted that the jeans under the «boyfriend jeans» title are increasingly popular with young women. These are trousers with a sort of “man’s shoulder”: baggy, wide, often worn, sometimes short. They are put on by celebrities, models, and ordinary girls. But they are not just men’s jeans, these are female models tailored for the characteristics of female figure, with a clasp on the female side. Although, perhaps, you can wear men’s pants as well, if your style demands that.

Levi’s company, despite its long history and traditions, is always on the cutting edge of fashion. Remember, Levi’s was the first to offer an ergonomic model (Engineered Jeans) or the above mentioned boyfriend jeans? And now the brand has managed to get a subtle idea of the moods of modern men. Oh, these modern men: metrosexuals, heighliners, and office boys! For them, the model of «Ex-Girlfriend Jeans» has been created. This is a kind of jeggings for the stronger sex.

It is interesting if men really dream of dressing in women’s clothes. At least so many attributes of women’s clothing have migrated to them … Do you like men in jeggings?

Source of the image: Huffingtonpost.

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