Is Normcore Still Trendy?

We are talking about normcore, a trend that was created as a counterbalance to fashion, but everything went wrong.

Normcore is a modern trend in fashion, which is characterized by the desire to look like everyone else without standing out from the crowd. People who adhere to the style of normcore try to dress as inconspicuously as possible. Normcore is considered to be the modern incarnation of “anti-fashion”.

Normally, normcore arose due to the rapid change in fashion trends, logomania, and conspicuous consumerism.

The word “normcore” first appeared in a Templar AZ comic strip drawn by Ryan Estrada. According to the comic’s plot, more and more ridiculous subcultures gradually appeared in the world, which led to the appearance of normcore. Those who chose normcore were described as follows:

“They only wear T-shirts and jeans. They use slang borrowed from other subcultures. They do so three years after it first appeared and three years after it was first used in some sitcom.”

In the first edition of Youth Mode, the concept of normcore was revealed. At the same time, the main emphasis in the article was placed on the attitude to clothing rather than on something else. Despite this, the introduction of normcore is often attributed to New York-based trend-forecasting art group K-Hole.

A combination of everything

In general, normcore combines sports, casual, and business styles.

When choosing clothes in the normcore style, people are guided by convenience, simplicity and functionality. The main colors are black, white, gray, and muted brown. The fabric from which the clothes are made should also be as simple and inexpressive as possible, for example, knitwear, denim or cotton.

Prints in the image are not welcome. However, if necessary, you can turn to striped or checkered patterns or a small herringbone.

A white T-shirt

A basic white T-shirt is an indispensable element of the wardrobe of any person who dresses in any style. In the normcore concept, a white T-shirt is an answer to various sweatshirts with logos and intricate patterns.

Hoodies & sweatshirts

A one-color hoodie is an essential item that is also as versatile as possible: it has proven its relevance as a bottom layer and a top layer.


A black and white loose-fit turtleneck is a must-have for a normcore outfit. It can be ideally combined with any other thing. It looks as casual as possible and does not catch the eye at all. This is what people who choose normcore want to achieve.


Classic, slightly faded jeans are held in high esteem. This is the most basic and simplest model instead of ripped, artificially aged, and embroidered jeans.

Fleece jacket

In their youth, many people refused to wear these jackets even when necessary, but now they have become an integral part of the normcore style. Fleece jackets are not only versatile but also durable and practical. They can be used both as a jacket in cold weather and as a stand-alone jacket in cool weather.

Plain sneakers or trainers

The main point of shoes is comfort. However, it would help if you also remembered that the simpler the shoes, the more suitable they are. It is better to choose the classic model’s white or black sneakers (trainers).


The most common flat boots on a platform are also popular among normcore fans. Black, slightly daring, versatile and suitable for many conditions, these boots are one of the best solutions for normcore shoes.


As for headwear, it is best to choose a simple baseball cap or beanie hat. By the way, a cap is the only element of the wardrobe where the demonstration of the brand is allowed.

In addition, windbreakers, sweatpants, flip flops, crop tops, and some other wardrobe items are typical for normcore. The same rule applies to all of them – style, comfort, and simplicity.

From Steve Jobs to Cate Blanchett

By the way, many stars prefer simple and inconspicuous things in their wardrobe.

One of the brightest representatives of normcore is Steve Jobs. The businessman has always considered choosing clothes a waste of time and energy, so he decided a wardrobe that was as versatile as possible and at the same time, approved everywhere. Jobs constantly appeared in public in a black turtleneck, New Balance sneakers, and the original Levi’s 501.

Mark Zuckerberg, despite his position, often appears in public in loose sportswear – a T-shirt/hoodie, jeans and sneakers.

Phoebe Philo, a British fashion designer, who once was the creative director of Céline and Chloé, most often chooses inconspicuous casual things. Looking at those unique and unusual items that Phoebe designed, it’s hard to understand why the fashion designer chose convenience and comfort for herself.

Kristen Stewart often looks extraordinary and extravagant on the red carpet, but in everyday life the star most often wears a stretched white T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers and doesn’t really care about her appearance.

Jodie Foster is utterly indifferent to trendy novelties and most often prefers the images that make her feel comfortable. The actress often wears straight cotton trousers, a linen shirt, or a knitted T-shirt and sneakers.

If you don’t know that Amanda Seyfried is a star, then you are unlikely to think about it when you see her on the street. The girl most often walks around New York and Los Angeles in a worn T-shirt, stretched sweatpants, denim shorts, and running shoes. She seems to feel amazing in this outfit.

Cate Blanchett was also very fond of normcore but in her youth. Cate has always chosen a minimalist cut, “simple” colors and their combinations. In the 1990s, the actress often appeared in public in turtlenecks, shirts and straight-cut jeans, complementing the look with loafers or ballet flats.

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