How to Wear White Clothes

White clothes are always popular, especially in summer. There are some simple rules, which will help you to always look stylish and charming in white clothes.

White Clothes

White Color Makes You Bigger

When wearing something white, remember that this color will visually make your figure look bigger. Accessories will need to either complement your white outfit or be in contrast with it, but they should definitely not blend with it. The classic combination of white top and black bottom is still popular, but this style works better for formal events.

Choosing Accessories to (for) White Clothes

Beige or yellow shoes will look great with white dress on a hot summer day. It is preferable to wear white clothes with jewelry made with wood, amber, or gold. A white suit will look great with precious or semiprecious stones. Your bag can be of any color. But, do not opt for very bight accessories, since all attention will be focused on them rather than on you.

Tight Fitting White Clothes

Every fashionista wants to look attractive and sexy when going to a party. It is not recommended to wear very tight white outfits. Opt for the classic styles instead. With regard to deep necklines and minis – we fully support you here.

White Pants Wearing Tips (tips for wearing white pants)

Pay particular attention to the thickness of the fabric when deciding to wear white pants. Very thin fabric is usually semitransparent, so it may be a good idea to buy thong panties, if you don’t have those already.

Take Proper Care of White Clothes

White color attracts a lot of attention, so you will need to make sure that your white outfit is always perfectly clean, well ironed, and tidy.

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