How to Choose a Handbag Depending on the Body Type?

A handbag is not just a place to store useful things, it is primarily an accessory, which largely characterizes the taste of women or men. A handbag can completely change the look and either make it fashionable or totally destroy it.

The handbag can often correct the drawbacks of the figure or on the contrary emphasize its most troubled places. That is why it is important to know how to choose a handbag. has created a list of some rules that will help you easily learn how to choose a proper handbag.

Choosing the Right Handbag Shape

Selecting the shape of a handbag one should be guided by the rule of contrast between the shape of the bag and the body.

This means that if your figure is plump and small, the handbag should be elongated and more square in shape.

If your figure is tall and thin, the handbag should be extended in width and have a more rounded shape.

Your handbag is thus balancing the shape of your body.

How to Choose the Right Handbag Size?

When choosing the size of handbags, the opposite effect is taken into account – the size of a bag should match the size of the body.

If you are not tall, it is better to choose a small bag. Do not wear a large handbag that will look disproportionate in comparison to your body.

If you are tall and/or big, it is better to choose a large bag. Small bags will emphasize your big body even more perceptibly.

If we talk about fashion of the recent period, for example, all European designers and stylists still prefer having big bags rather than smaller ones.

Short Handles or Over the Shoulder Handbag?

If you have very large breasts or broad shoulders, you should avoid handbags with long handles that are worn over the shoulder. Also it is necessary to abandon large-sized bags. The best option in your case is a bag with short handles that you can wear in your hands. Or alternatively, there may be a handbag on a long strap, which helps to shift the focus from the upper body to its lower, less problematic, part.

On the contrary, those who have wide hips or a big belly, should choose shoulder handbags with long handles and avoid wearing bags on a long strap. In this case, you will need to move the emphasis from the bottom part of your body to the top.

Choosing the Handbag Style

It is believed that medium-sized and large handbags are suitable for casual and everyday outfits.

Small-sized bags will make the image more elegant and therefore will be perfect for an evening in a restaurant or a club. That is why small clutches are so popular.

A combination of an evening dress to the floor with a large or even medium-sized bag is absolutely contradicting.

A rucksack handbag makes the image more childish, sporty, and suitable for traveling, so a woman or a man with an elegant or business style of clothes must abandon this type of handbags.