Hottest Fashion Trends Borrowed from Korea

Korean fashion is a beautiful world that definitely deserves attention. Over-size silhouettes are preferred here, and trends are the same for all genders: famous Korean designers present stylish gender-neutral clothes in their collections. South Korea’s street style is a separate source of inspiration. Let’s look at the latest fashion trends borrowed from Korea.

Open-shoulder sweatshirts

In the Instagram accounts of Korean fashion influencers, you’re sure to find open-shouldered sweaters – a trendy clothing item.

It can be a cozy knitted cardigan, a relaxed long sleeve shirt, a blouse with ruffles, or a warm sweater. Girls equally spectacularly include them in their outfits. Of course, open shoulders are not a new technique invented exactly in South Korea. But here it turned out to be the most popular: bloggers wear sweatshirts with jeans, skirts, and even with leather pants. The result is both a simple and eye-catching outfit with a unique twist.

Voluminous shoulders

Voluminous sleeves are a trend that started gaining momentum in 2020 and still hasn’t lost its lead. With voluminous sleeves, any clothing item becomes a work of art: even an ordinary black turtleneck sweater or pullover looks much more stylish.

Gigot sleeves are one of the favorite trends of Korean women. They can be long or short, but they always look winning.

What to wear this trend with? Give preference to basic pants in a restrained color scheme, classic midi skirts, or jeans. The main thing is not to overload the outfit with accessories because the sleeves already attract enough attention.

Tweed suit

And again, we must say that tweed suits cannot be called an invention of Korean beauties, but we can safely say that they gave the set a new wave of popularity. In particular, the lead singer of the popular K-Pop band Blackpink, Kim Jenny, should be thanked for this – she often goes out in the iconic Chanel tweed suits.

Many are inspired by the outfits of their idols and try to repeat them. This trend is gaining momentum and conquering the world. Tweed suits really fit into your everyday closet: you can wear them with both boots and classic shoes or high boots.

School style

Preppy, or “school” style, is Korean fashion’s calling card. In the streets, you’re bound to see a girl in a pleated mini-skirt, a loose shirt, and high socks (or gaiters), while guys wear knit vests and checkered jackets. The images turn out fashionable and casual. And due to experiments with color schemes, the sets look unusual and interesting.

Repeating this outfit of Korean fashionistas is very simple. You need a jacket and a skirt (you can choose a model with a checkered print or opt for a monochrome set), socks, and comfortable sneakers.

Dress over T-shirt

Today’s street style stars often wear a dress over a T-shirt, but in South Korea, this trend appeared a year ago. The outfit turns unconventional and experimental, but you can avoid fashionable failure with a clever selection of textures and colors.

It is best to wear a white or black basic T-shirt, a long dress and comfortable shoes – it can be sneakers or sandals. Alternative options are a mini-dress combined with a shirt or a stylish satin T-shirt and a loose pants suit.

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