The Ghost of a Rock’n’Roll Star Costume to Rock Halloween

“Old and wicked hag” costumes may be the most suitable thing for Halloween, and there ought to be a couple of ghosts strutting around, but now and then you may prefer to wear something less shabbily-medieval and go for a spot of onstage glamour. Outside of royalty what character can match the glamour of Elvis Presley-time glam boys?

King Rock Star - Halloween costume

This costume is not officially claimed to associate with Elvis Presley, it’s called “King Rock Star” and no names named, but the image is there. Red lining to set off the white fabric, intricate bead adornments, a resplendent effigy of an eagle on the back and a couple of smaller ones will set your spirits flying. Dangle the golden chains on the hips, expect to be asked to sing “Oh let me be your Teddy bear” and get rock’n’roll fun for Halloween for $1,600.

Source of the image: Blavish.

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