GeniusLynch. War against Fashion

Ugly FashionWelcome to the new category at devoted to fashion and style – GeniusLynch. There are lots of designers, who create garments, underwear, accessories for women. These people are called the trendsetters, they say, what women should and should not wear this year, what is stylish in this or that season, what is beautiful. A good deal of money is spent on their fashion shows, pompous and posh. But let us face the truth – is what they place in public view really that stylish?

As an average woman I am just indignant at some garments I see at fashion shows. Why should we women keep silent? If there was organized a public opinion poll devoted to this stylish staff created by designers, I am sure, the vast majority of people would call many things bizarre, the vast majority of this vast majority would never wear them even just for fun. If what we see at fashion shows was created for women, then I think, every woman may and must express her opinion about fashion trends, which are dictated to us. With this category I am declaring a war against these “arbiters of elegance”, who propose women to wear these rags. If there is something beautiful, stylish, cute – I will for sure mention it. If a dress, or a bag, or whatever is an outright tastelessness – I will not be silent. Am I the one? Comments are always welcome!

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