Flip-Flops May Cause Foot Health Problems

Flip-FlopFlip-flops are very popular in summer. Although walking in flip-flops may endanger healthy legs. The scientists at Auburn University, Alabama, reported the health risks associated with flip-flops after they had videoed and examined in details the motions of 39 volunteers wearing flip-flops.

Why Wearing Flip-Flops Is Unhealthy

Bad news is that flip-flops could lead to drastic changes in walk. Flip-flop wearers have to take shorter steps and bend their ankles inward to keep their footwear on. That means you work your muscles harder in abnormal way – all the way from foot to hip.

Consequences of Wearing Flip-Flops

Also, to keep flip-flops on, you have to scrunch your toe while walking, which ends up with the strain of connective tissue that runs along the sole of your foot. In turn, it can cause painful inflammation, bone spur, edema and convulsions. At best, your feet just get very tired.

What’s Good in Flip-Flops?

A good thing about flip-flops, however, is that they are cool and airy. Scientists conclude that flip-flops are strictly beach footwear and they are not good for walking about. Researches encourage people to be careful about wearing this trendy summer footwear for everyday use.

Healthy Alternative to Flip-Flops

The scientists say that flip-flops with the addition of an ankle strap are good alternative. That’s what protects from straining feet. With the ankle strap, flips flops are more like sandals, though.

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