Fashion Amid Economic Crisis: Jewelry from Bottle Caps by Yoav Kotik

While some designers create million dollars worth diamond encrusted bras and dresses, the others choose less luxurious and expensive materials and solutions. Like an Israeli painter and designer Yoav Kotik who showcased his collection of jewelry made from bottle caps.

Bottle Caps Jewelry  by Yoav Kotik

He collected piles of discarded caps from beer and soft drinks bottles and transformed them into cute and flamboyant rings, earrings, brooches, pendants, bracelets, and necklaces.

Bottle Caps Bracelets

Coca-Cola Necklace

Heineken Caps Necklace

Beer Caps Necklace

Bottle Caps Bracelet

With low price of materials used in mind, anyone can afford walking around in Coca-Cola caps bracelets or Heineken necklaces.

Bottle Caps Flowers

Bottle Caps Necklace

Coca-Cola Caps Necklace

Bottle Caps Pendants

Bottle Caps Earrings

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