Designer Fashion Items That Look Ridiculous

If you still think that all luxury items are an example of good taste and style, have a look at this collection: we have collected shoe absurdities that designers have come up with in recent years.

Sometimes fashion is strange and rather ridiculous. Below you will see the things from designers, which were discussed actively in the media immediately after their release.

Jean boots

Jennifer Lopez loves Versace, and her feelings are clearly returned. However, sometimes a brand image can look funny. Fashion magazines admired the singer’s bold boots in the form of jeans, but the readers didn’t appreciate the trend and just mocked at it.

Over the knee denim boots again

Longer boots with a snake finish. Rihanna was seen wearing a pair from Manolo Blahnik, which cost about 4K dollars. The singer appeared in them more than just once, combining boots with a miniskirt and even shorter denim shorts.

Noodle sandals

Bottega Veneta changed their strategy and became one of the most popular luxury brands in the world last year. All fashionistas first dreamed of a Bottega Veneta dumpling bag, and then fancied having a quilted pillow bag. But these sandals were much less popular: this beige and yellow footwear reminded everyone of the popular instant noodles. The price of a pair is about a thousand dollars, but it is better to spend the money on something else.

A fishing net

One of the main (and very unexpected) trends of the recent winter is clothes and accessories resembling a fishing net. However, many people were amused by these shoes (in addition to the texture, there is yet another trend – square toes), but some bloggers still dared to wear them. The brand is still the same: Bottega Veneta.

The long toe

Again, this is the new Bottega Veneta collection: the black mules look very unusual. The trick is obvious: shoes visually lengthen the big toe. We do not know yet whether this pair will become a hit (as well as noodle sandals): we saw the Pre-Fall 2020 collection not so long ago.

Well, are you still blindly following fashion?

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