Cosabella Glowing Lingerie

The women whose intimate life started to fade over time can try to fix the problem by using special lingerie. It can glow in the dark; however, the charge does not look very handy.


Italian Cosabella fashion brand invented an innovative way to revive fading intimate relationships – the problem faced by almost every couple over time. The new underwear able to glow in the dark is now available. It is enough to hold the bra and panties in the light for only three minutes, and they will begin to radiate neon green light in a fully dark room.


The original line includes soft comfortable pushup bras and sexy panties in three different colors. However, how does this underwear glow? The lace fabric of the bra and panties contains photoluminescent pigments sewn into it. That is why the ability to glow in the dark does not disappear after the first washing.


As long as the room is not completely dark, the lingerie looks quite ordinary, no different from other lacy bras and panties. However, there are certain difficulties when using this lingerie for its intended purpose. For it to start to glow in the dark, it should be exposed to concentrated sunlight for three minutes, so that the woman has to go out and take a short sunbath. The lingerie can also be “charged” under fluorescent light for 10-12 minutes, but such lamps are mainly found in offices and shops. Both charging methods provide one-hour’s glow of the underwear.

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