Carrie Bradshaw Wedding Gown by Vivienne Westwood Sold Out

Weddings are much more exciting for women as compared to men, as women get a chance to adorn themselves and look the best on the wedding day.

Carrie Bradshaw Wedding Gown by Vivienne Westwood

The picture of Carrie Bradshaw’s wedding dress from Sex and the City: The Movie is under the label of Vivienne Westwood. The bridal dress had two-toned shades in it and not completely white as traditional bridal gowns. The jeweled area on the left side of the dress is beautifully crafted without being overdone. The neckline of this dress is simply elegant and fine.

Carrie Bradshaw Wedding Gown

All the SATC fans who noticed the Vivienne Westwood dress, made it so popular that it is already sold out! If you are a fan of Carrie and are willing to buy one, you can have it for a surprising cost of $9,875. But you need to keep in mind that it is just the knee length version only. The floor length version is available only at Vivienne Westwood stores on order with a cost of $15,700. But ladies, you will have to wait for at least six months before you get this bridal outfit.

Sex and the City Wedding Gown

Wedding Gown by Vivienne Westwood

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